Tuesday, November 07, 2006

  • Since we're focusing on diaries and journals for the Reading classes I'm teaching, I'm going to read a selection from Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl tomorrow. I'm pretty excited, I've never read it before. But also, since tomorrow is the first time my class will be observed by a Vice Principal and my classes have been acting super-crazy all week, I'm very nervous. I hope I don't get too nervous and find myself hiding in a little corner.
  • My wife says that running out of food dring a party is considered a cardinal sin. So we stocked up. We invited a lot of people to our house on Saturday. Apparently, we're not that popular. If you want some beef and/or beans, all you have to do is promise to be our friends and come on over.
  • We're going to hear a fat lady sing tonight. Which means I have to shave.
  • I'm a complete and utter mess. Yuck! And I have to meet my students' teachers later this week? Double-yuck.


  1. It is a cardinal sin to run out of food. That's why in my family I usually wind up eating left overs for a month after a family get together.

  2. I remember reading "Diary of Ann Frank" - I don't remember much of it though - it was a long time ago.. or so it seems.
    Must be the time of year for students to be acting crazy - I'm almost pulling my hair out over my class.
    Your wife is right, it is a cardinal sin to run out of food - much better to be eating left-overs for the rest of the month!

  3. why are y'all taking her side on this?

  4. Thanks for the back-up, y'all!!!

    Told ya so, told ya so


    So, anybody wanna come over for some left-over casserole?



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