Friday, January 20, 2006

If you know, like we know, breathe slow

Mars Ill's ProPain ain't here yet. All right, no crying.

To tide the fans over, there is the remixed Backbreakanomics, aptly titled Backwaterprophets - which might be owing to the fact that Windows Media categorizes them as Old School.

I recognize but a couple of the samples used in this piece, if that. One of them happens to be a reconfigured electric piano line from a Stevie Wonder song. (Hopefully, the lawyers at Gotee Records aren't reading this.) The main difference (since the rap-lines remain intact from manCHILD and a few guest turns, including Pigeon John and Blueprint) is that the songs are funky. Just funk-kay! Is that bad? No, I think it's a great dance record to get for the more hip to purchase in time to practice for your Valentine's Day dancing fever (wish I could join y'all this year). In fact, where Backbreakanomics' rock energy belies the album's urgency (in a different sense than say, punk's breaking of the conventions did, but nonetheless, urgent), to paraphrase De La Soul, Backwater will make you think and shake your booty at the same time. Although the kids lingering in the halls after school, when I was blasting this in my room, where asking if I was listening to Eminem. Is that what rock-influenced underground hip hop sounds like?

Some lyrics:
Impossible for me to see the divine schematics
who divide the Triune through mathematics
Stand with a mic in my right hand
with my left clutching a crucifix
I haven't felt this worn-down since I last listened to Ludacris
but I'm born new every mornin'
Lookin' in the mirror, asking, 'Who is this?'

Order it. Order some material too. No shipping charges, and best of all, they mail it directly to your house that moment. It's like they work for the PO. My two experiences ordering from the Deepspace fam have been truly wonderful and speedy. What more can you expect?

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  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I just received the original LP of Backbreakanomics, expecting the remixed version (i didn't even know there were two versions). I have to say that I think they improved it a lot (compare the track Sideline Speech, the remix beat is just sooo much iller, with Bigg Jus's verse shining ten times brighter). It's a shame the remix is not out on vinyl, but i'm going to see if the original grows on me...


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