Sunday, January 22, 2006

Widows and Judges, take note

This is really just a repeat of an email I sent out. But I thought it was important enough...

Hey everybody,

Most of you know of my friend Jennie, a missionary who works in a home and school in Colombia for under-served, under-privileged children in the capital, Bogota. Many of the children that she works with there come from really broken homes and stay on campus. None would be considered well-off, or middle-class, or anywhere near the poverty line by US standards of course.

Anyway, I ask and treasure your prayers on her behalf, and on behalf of the staff and kids of Children's Vision International, Inc.

Here i will quote from her weblog,

Jonatan (7) had a few seizures last week...[Medicines the doctors gave him for epilepsy] seem to be adversely affecting his eye drainage, though, which had progressed so well after his last operation... He has had multiple operations throughout the years, the last one being the only remotely effective one.

Juan Camilo (just turned 6 last Saturday) was rushed to the hospital last night. He had a derrame cerebral which I believe translates to "brain hemorrhage."... He lost ability to use his right arm and leg. He then lost consciousness and our nurse had to give him mouth to mouth and rushed him to the nearest hospital out there, which was about 20 minutes away. En route, he died. They brought him back at the hospital manually... The doctors are still not sure what's wrong, they say you need to wait 48 hours to determine the extent of brain damage. He is still not conscious. They are injecting the meds straight into his heart and he is on a respirator. He has stabilized, which we're grateful for.

Carlos Julio (11) was also rushed to the hospital today with stomach pains. He has appendicitis...

Update: The doctors tried to run some more tests on Juan Camilo. In order to do this, they needed to pull him off the machines for a bit. He couldn't hang on. They reconnected him right away and are saying that it will be at least 72 hours (until Tuesday night) until they can take him off the [eight] machines. Camilo's a fighter, though. He's been through so much already. The mighty right arm of the Lord has sustained him this far. I don't believe it was in vain. I believe Camilo will pull through. We're all still praying.

Update: Carlos had his surgery. The doctors said that it would be a routine half an hour operation. However, when they opened him up, they found an immense tumor in his stomach. It's all entwined in his intestines. It had actually eaten through his appendix, which is what caused the appendicitis. They could only get out a part of it. They did manage to tie the two ends of the tumor together, so that it should not eat through any more organs. They took the sample to the lab for testing to see if it's cancerous.

Also, my boss's dad just had a heart attack last week, (he's okay, thanks to a personal defibrillator) and her mother in-law is seriously ill as well.

These are not normal phenomena for us.
We greatly appreciate your prayers in regards to these matters.


Let us beseech the throne of God together. Pray and expect miracles.

Thank you for your time, energy and prayers in advance.

And now, back to grading


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  1. Camilo woke up all by himself (with no natural explanation) this afternoon! They will move him from ICU to a regular room this evening. The doctors can't explain what happened. The hospital's officially declared it a miracle.

    Carlos and Jonatan are both home and doing great. We are still waiting for their lab results and believing God that they will prove to be similar motives for joy.

    Thanks, all.
    Jesus Reigns!

    Jen :)


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