Sunday, January 15, 2006

Go, Bears, Go!

No real sports info here. Sorry. No help of any sort. Nothing to add or take away from any debate. Just a stupid fan putting up his stupid tribute stupidly thinking that any member of the Bears team would actually look for a blog that mentions them and take their stupid tribute to heart, and then be so inspired that they win the semis, the conference final and the Super Bowl.

Having sold that,

This has been a message proudly sponsoring the Chicago Bears as victors forever.
And now, boys and gurls, put on you hulas, for it is high-time for our fight song:
Da Bears, da Bears, da Bears, da Bears!
Da Bears, da Bears, da Bears, da Bears!
Da Bears, da Bears, da Bears, da Bears!
(choking, stop breathing, resucitation)

Da Bears, da Bears, da Bears, da Bears!
Da Bears, da Bears, da Bears, da Bears!

Dang it, man! Like everyone else, all I can do is hang my head in shame and play late-night Sunday night quarterback, no wait, coach. We had a decent running game. We had a few plays where we just needed a couple yards and went for the rushed pass mis-play. But, honestly, all I can say is,
Good grief.


  1. GO BEARS!

    Lemmie know how da Game turns out.

  2. It could have gone better.

  3. *sigh*

    *hangs head, slumps shoulders, kicks dust with foot*

    *walks off*

  4. why is it, that this is just so sad for you...I'm sorry! :-)

    but, in good news, although belated...WVU did when the Sugar Bowl against UGA. I give my props to my school, I was there, it was ahhhhmazing....a late shout out..but...still deserving.

    have a good one!

  5. wj,

    yep. a whole dejected city. actually, that's not too true. one of the basketball playing teenage boys yesterday was like, "what game?" i guess we'll always have the white sox sweeping the first world series in the post-steroid era.


    that's a great charlie brown impersonation, if i ever read it.

  6. *refrains from making any comments about that a** of a quarterback, marcus vick*

    did you see the Rose Bowl? now, there's some great quarterbacking for ya! despite the fact that there wasn't any big ten representation in that game.

  7. Sorry about the Bears. I'm still disappointed that in three years of living in Chicago, driving by Soldier Field just about EVERY DAY, I never made it to a Bears game.

    Of course, my heart will always belong to the Denver Broncos, who are about to win their third Super Bowl this decade* in a few weeks. Go Broncos!!

    * Counting any random ten-year period as "this decade"

  8. get your john elway lovin'.

    that game was a dissapointment to me. never thought pats could play so bad - again. like they were replaying super bowl XX.

    i wish my bears replayed sb XX, and not the sb shuffle.

    soldier's is cold and expensive. go to comiskey sometime. i mean us cellular.

  9. Matt Suhey is my father.

    Sorry about the loss. Maybe the coach should change his name to "Hatey". Might strike more fear into the opponent.

    But seriously, if they'd had Rex for a whole season, might have looked different. Offense still looked a bit out of synch. Won't take much for them to make the next step.

  10. and of course i have to wait half a week before i recount that vick didn't play for w.v. he played (emphasis past) for virginia tech.

    i'm a jerk!

    forgive me destiny.


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