Sunday, January 29, 2006

Other good news

I've seen two episodes of the otherwise entertaining Dancing with the Stars on ABC. I know the critics at Entertainment Weekly don't think too highly of that show, but they suck, so who cares? (Honestly. That's why they're in that gossip rag.) And both times (both the season debut Mater P managed to mangle the whole essence of dancing with his lazy, heavy-footed "movements." He then tried to blame his lazy-a** steps on representing the ghetto. Hailing from the ghetto, I can say that we're quite embarrassed to be represented by you. You need to spread your wings further, man. How about representing talentless poseurs the world all over, P?

So, the good news is, after his stalker steps last Thursday (that despite an intense need to grade, I couldn't rip my eyes away from. Felt like a funny and sad car wreck), he wasn't salvaged by the call-in votes.

A world will miss your hilarity, Pee-Head.


  1. hey, i didn't read your blog here, but I wanted to comment on your comment you left on mine. I'm very involved with church and fellowship here. I have a great group of christian friends that I absolutely love and adore, the lonely feeling is the intimacy of another soul in my life to whom I can be "together" with. I long for a man...easiest way to say I'm sorry to confuse you. if you comment, you might wanna comment on my blog, b/c I'm not sure when I'll be able to check this again! later yo!

  2. ahhhhhhhhhh.

    sorry, can't help ya there.

    though i guess quite a few of my sisters could testify to the fact that there just aren't enough good guys out there (which is why, i suppose, that they go out so frequently w/ non-christians).

    whatever else i have to add to this, i guess i should do what you requested and answer on your blog.

  3. okay so i was able to check it now...haha

    yeah most women understand one another, and it doesn't seem that there are enough good men, but...there really is...we just have to be willing to wait for the time when God decides to reveal them to us, and us to's all good


  4. Master P is still alive? Make 'em say UGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!

    (I'm so ashamed I bought that 12" single back in my DJ days)

  5. and his "dancing" will make you go 'grooooooooooooooooaaaaaaannnn.'

    it'll go down as some of the funniest crap ever.

  6. Hahahaha...Percy. Gotta love him. I *wish* wasn't working those nights when he was on the show. That would've been my comic relief right there. I read on someone's blog that he said he went on the show, hoping that kids from the ghetto would see that there are 'other options' to life besides gangbangin'.

    I don't even know what to say to that one.

  7. you and your jewelry, good lord.

    i'm thinking of the line that arthur agee, from 'hoop dreams', gives about his father. his father, he argues, is a role model in that he watched him and he learned what NOT to do.

    kids, don't do whatever p. miller does. it'll embarrass the mess out of you.

  8. I've never seen it. My mother watches it religiously though.

    I think his son was supposed to be on the show but couldn't because of an injury or something. What's that kids name?

  9. li'l romeo, of course.

    he had a brief career when his father wanted him to step up and try to steal some spotlight from snoop dogg's nephew (who actually has talent), li'l bow wow.

    poor kid. w/ his crack-head daddy as his producer, he never had a chance.

    i sometimes wonder if p. actually just told his son to sit this one out so that he can prove his dancing skills to the world and get his name in lights again. but nobody can be that cruel, can they?

  10. haha. who knows with rappers these days? they are so arrogant.

  11. it's an insult to call master p. a rapper.


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