Saturday, January 07, 2006

Top 6 other things

We can always try, eh?

Top week:
Monday 22nd-29th. It was the end of summer. I was burned-out. Not fully, but I was in need of a sabbath. My season of being my church's youth director was coming to an end, schools weren't biting and I was pretty much resolving that I would be a substitute teacher throughout the 2005-06 school year.

So, what's a man to do? That's right, road trip. I saw some beautiful, beautiful land (hooray for the fact that I don't have to live in West Virginia and Michigan in order to appreciate them) and was quite appalled by Toronto's lack of a beach or lakefront. I got to read. Dosteovsky at that. I kept a journal, which I then transposed to my xanga site and abbreviated for this one. I never finished it, but I could. Maybe. Later. When I'm bored. I met Christine.

And, to top it off, two big things in two days: 1) My brother David got married to Theresa on Sunday the 28th. We (this time with two other brothers and another sister-in-law to help drive) drove back from Virginia Beach (also my first time at the Atlantic coast. Did not get to spend time there. But the weather was so bizzarre, even by Chicago standards) overnight, while I'm listening to voice mail from the assistant principal from the school across the street, asking if I'd be interested in a job.

Kind of last minute, and I haven't been home in a week, but I call her and set up an appointment for an hour after we get into the city. She basically tells me that they're still looking for an English/Reading teacher for this program and that it's mine for the asking. I think long and hard, pray, consult and ten minutes later I take it.

Top Date of 2005:
Honestly, I don't date. Not the dating type. Unless there's a good reason, unless I'm serious about the woman (serial dates lead to serial marriages, but that's a discussion bummer for another day). So, November 26 probably also belongs in the top date of the decade and top day of 2006 categories too. As far as details, sorry, I'm not one to hold hands and tell...

Top Periodical of 2005:
Sports Illustrated. The boys (my male students, that is) eat it right up. It's got great writing and it's about things they want to read about, while not being too difficult for their abilities. I need to find a woman's mag like that (for my female students, that is, not I).

Top Shoe of 2005:
I normally don't care for my shoes, or anything else I wear. Alas, I knew the students would. So, I went with the intent to actually spend a bit of money (read: more than the $35 I'd normally spend for b-ball shoes, but less than $60), I got me some black, green and yellow Umbro Brasillias. I love 'em. That doesn't make me a sissy, does it?

They're like this, only black instead of white. They look sexier in person. Can I say that? Adopts fake latin accent. How you say... Ah, yes, Sexier.

Top Miss of 2005:
Basketball. I miss playing it.

Top Sports of 2005:
Don't normally care too much for baseball. It's a slow, methodological game. But I always liked the defensive stances and hustle that can arise from its late innings. And the chances of hitting such a small and fast-moving object into space at just the right point and with just the right swing with a bat is so peculiar, but it can be dramatic. And drama in sports is better than watching whiny wealthy white folks on film. The White Sox gave me plenty of that. Especially in the post-season. Too bad nobody else was watching it. Football comes in as a distant second on my sports pyramid to basketball, but I'll be watching (or keeping abreast of) most of the post-season due to the Bear's resurgence (yes, Timi, there is a Santa Claus), the mystery of the Pats and the Indianapolis Dungites. Oh, and not to forget the Longhorns being able to open up a way big enough for Vince Young to win the Rose Bowl (I'm not mad at him, btw. He was remarkable).

It's also remarkable to note that the top NFL coaches of the year are African American (with Chicago's own Lovie getting the tops this year). Which is why I'm certain that Kansas City fired their coach to replace him with an assistant coach from the bottom-dwelling Jets. I'm all for affirmative action (and I don't know the whole story, or even part of it), but that just strikes me as patronizing, Buddha-belly-rubbing. And while we're at it, what's up with all the coach-firing? It didn't work for the NBA East (Riley's not doing so hot himself, y'know.). What worked for the NBA East was Detroit and rising competition, their time was bound to come. But this is insane. Not everyone can win all the time.

Enough ranting!


  1. Uh, hello! Toronto has massive amounts of beach or lakefront. We didnt GO to Harbourfront!!! Actually, I kinda regret not taking you over there, I didn't think of it really. Lo siento.

    Now I shall read the rest of this post...

  2. So, yeah, this is completely unrelated to this post, but there's this movie screening at Schubas on Tuesday (for free) that I thought you might find interesting.

  3. chris,

    how could you NOT think about that? i asked to go to the lake, to see the lake. you said (and produced evidence) that the lake stinks and no one ever goes to the lake. i mean, hello, it's a GREAT LAKE! it should be visible from downtown. haha, silly cannucks.


    you're right, 1) it is unrelated; 2) i've wanted to see this movie for a while. the screenings page doesn't list the times, but i guess i can do the detective work of calling them or opening up the Reader. thanks.

  4. Schubas web site says 7 p.m.

  5. yes, and a performance by the detholz! (who is...?)

    the Reader also promised a game of table tennis, but they said the show would be at 9. i'm too lazy to call.

    i'm supposing you've already seen it. but are you going?

  6. I'd never heard of detholz either. Couldn't tell ya.

    Haven't seen it yet. I would like to go, but there's also a showing on Friday in Naperville, so that one may be more likely for me. It's so hard to work up the energy to go downtown during the week.


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