Sunday, January 29, 2006

I played basketball last night

I haven't played a lot recently. And, like many people who spend all their free time either blogging or im'ing their girlfriends, I'm out of shape, severely. I was breathing heavy. Real heavy. But I had a good time. I miss the sport so much. I think I'll join a Y, if I can find one that I'd feel comfortable playing ball in.

But then again, for all the players (all in their twenties and thirties and all, save me, African-American), no one could rip the ball from me. So, you know that wasn't real competition.

In other non-news (in this day and age of Hamas and WMDs and Pat Robertson, honestly, I can't compete), I just downloaded my first batch of songs. And the stickler that I am for not stealing this stuff, I went through iTunes. And, the stickler that I am for trying, at least, to get good music, it was Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the long-running South African acappella Gospel singing group - with neither a lady nor a smith in the whole group.

But, dang, they sound good.


  1. I've only heard their stuff on Paul Simon's Graceland album - which is great. Check it out.

  2. yeah, this album - which i probably didn't link to, did i? - is a bunch of re-performances from old hits, including 'diamonds in her shoes.'

    so, it's making me consider buying graceland.


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