Friday, October 21, 2005

I don't think Pigeon John's on this one

But that's all right. We'll forgive 'em this time.

LA Sympony has dropped a new one. Record. Full-length. And it's more straight forward - so I hear - than The End Is Now. TEIS was decent, but I had heard so much about L.A.S. that it was a major let-down, with a few exceptions. I expect not to be let down this time.

In other underground genius news, Mars Ill is expecting the retooled, reloaded and (this time) released ProPain to drop in January. Lawyers, let my people go!

ProPain: It's enough to give Hank Hill a cardiac arrest, I'll tell you what.

Still favorite line this year:
I wanna touch the fans like Ron Artest.
Deepspace 5.


  1. The best L.A. Symph record is CIWYW (Call It What You Want). They released it kind of under the radar around last Christmas as a CDR. I don't think they sell it anymore, but you might be able to find it on ebay. Baloney is my second favorite.

  2. Lawyers, let my people go! Huh?

  3. yeah, i heard of that one. my budget's tricky, so every once in a while i'm able to afford buying an album off the internet. i'll have to get a priority on that.

    thanks, kevin. always appreciative and loving new company.


    the album is marred by legal malfeasance. no, that's not the right word for it (Misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official), but it does sound right.

  4. ah yes. i'm getting ready to check that album out right now on my rhapsody player.

    you know who else is dropping a new album and really needs to just retire completely before everyone gets sick of him if they aren't already. J. Sorrentino! Yes, KJfifty-two! Oops I mean King James five two! I'm getting ready to do it old school and write him an angry letter.

  5. oh yeah. the eminem imposter.

    i remember discussing about him at length. now, if only i could find that thread...

    oh, that's right, you obliterated it!

    watching the game tonight?

  6. i obilerated it?

    haha. i actually did watch some of the game! *gasp* i couldn't escape it seeing that i was in a room full of baseball fans and i was the only one not one.

    hey your blog looks really awful in mozilla or i should say the las pick makes your blog look awful in mozilla. it looked really bad in IE too. your sidebar was somewhere at the bottom of your blog. haha.

  7. hooray for you, watching the game. who's a big girl?

    yeah, i like the look in mozilla. can't stand it in ie, period. letters are too big and dopey looking.

    but the pic, i likey. and i like the cut-off. it's just a different look. and since i never really change the outlook, i need to switch up the internals every once in a while.

  8. We all have done something wrong now and then. Just as long as we understand what it was that we did and learn to correct it is the thing that matters FOR EVERYONE, you, me, and everyone reading this!

  9. i'm guessing you're joking, ny2la.

    or, did i offend you and i'm completely unawares (not the first, nor the last). certainly not my intention.

  10. Oh sorry. That was supposed to be posted on another journal. I think that tells me that its time for me to end my addiction to web surfing and pull the plug on my internet useage. When I got rid of my dsl last May I thought that would do the trick but I found myself having to seek out public pc's just like this one.

    Yes I have a problem and it needs to be fixed.

  11. comp-head!

    that's funny. i thought it was a bit severe. now, maybe if you had posted it at christine's blog, it might be warranted. or my xanga.

    speaking of which, time to update.

  12. I've been down with LAS since the beginning. TEIS was a disappointment. Call It What You Want is, indeed, great. So is their first album - Composition #1. I've got all of the releases from every LAS member that's put out solo stuff (PJ, Brainwash Projects, Joey the Jerk, Flynn, Sharlock Poems, Cookbook & Uno Mas), but have yet to get the new disc. Go figure. (They also put out an EP of new stuff earlier this year, which I have yet to get).

    One great disc that I just got: Ohmega Watts The Find. Slammin'!

  13. where do you find money, micah? i was underemployed and a student well beyond my years, i never had money for all those goodies.

  14. I don't date much.

  15. i don't either.

    well, not til next month.*

    and then i probably won't for a while.

    *long story. can't even really call it dating.

  16. "I've got all of the releases from every LAS member that's put out solo stuff (PJ, Brainwash Projects, Joey the Jerk, Flynn, Sharlock Poems, Cookbook & Uno Mas), but have yet to get the new disc."

    Yowza. That's impressive. I have the Brainwash Projects disc and Sharlock Poems latest. I found both of them just OK. My theory is that they're better as a group than as solo artists, but I guess I won't know until I've heard them all. Pigeon John's stuff is probably pretty good. And speaking of, he's going to be in Chitown next month.

  17. again? really? maybe i can catch him this time.

    i caught him and mars ill together awhile back. it was at a church in the north side. i almost felt guilty about leaving during the pastor's altar call. i mean, that is kind of being rude to the host, even if i don't have too much patience with the method. y'know, i give at the office and all.

    thanks for dropping by my li'l humble abode, wasp jerky.
    wasp jerky-jerky.
    (sorry, Beastie Boys flashback)

  18. jasdye - Now I'm curious. Spill it.

    wasp jerky - You're right, the sum is greater than the parts. That said, pretty much each solo release has at least a few standout tracks. I think the BP disc is the strongest of all of the them (maybe because it has PJ and B-Twice on it - the two best MCs in the group). Of course, maybe it's just nostalgia, as that is how I was introduced to LAS.

  19. micah,

    PJ and B-Twice is good. PB and J is awesome!

    and, two, no. haven't even told my roommates yet.


  20. No more comments from now on.


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