Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yes, I created a new blog

I've moved to the dark side. This is the blog for when i don't feel like i need to worry bout punctuatation or spellign or none of that. well, maybe some of it. even in these sentances, i keep going back to rewrite what it is i'm wirting. well, nota alsways.

i write that sloppy. it's all in the editing, i swear.

chekc me out if you ain't scared of xanga and you just wanna hear what i'm sayin'. no what i mean, jean?


  1. ugh, i wonder how it's look if i stopped editing all of my writing and just how much slower i'd stary yyping so i didnt make so gruesome mustalkes. Danitut!!!!

    Actually, this's pretty fun. WElcome to th unedited world of A. Tillman0Young.

    But a xanga avvont?? Ahhh fooey...Hmmm I WAS thinking about starting another blog, tell you tha troof, but i dunno. I'll think about it, I don'y tnik my comp could handle virus-ridden xanga.

  2. amen amdn

    adam never goes back on his stuff dows he?

    you don't need to start another blog, hons, you don't spen enough time at your own.

    i will never do this sgain for a post.

    replies, on the other, i may just...


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