Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I missed it...

Sorry, Johan. I tried to spread the word. But when I wasn't working, I was sleeping, being interviewed (alas, not by Tyra Banks) or riding the train from one to the other.

Anybody catch my boy on the Tyra Banks show today (Tues.) can tell me how that went?


I didn't miss it. I only thought I did. The show was taped and will air probably in September. Johan also divulged (in the juicy comments section), that he is also being bandied about for a NY Times article. Hey, that's diversity for ya!

In other news, mutual friend Darnell Weathersby (Older brother to three of my youth now. Yes, three [3]. Mentor to several others.) was on the front page of the Central Illinois Journal Star. Essentially, they were reporting on the fact that the school district covering Peoria (or, Caterpillaria, Illinois) is trying to hire more black teachers. The student population is about 60% African American while the teaching staff is about 7% black. And, with the addition of Darnell, the entire district has fifteen male black teachers. The article reports that, "[o]nly 1.5 percent of the state's classroom teachers are black males."

On that, Darnell says, "I'm an African-American male, and that's very rare in teaching, period. I'm learning that my role is a lot more than academic... [In regards to teaching in Peoria,] I have a heart for the inner city. I'm an inner-city product. I want to play an influential role for those like me."

In similarly unrelated news, I attended Darnell's wedding (reception only, unfortunately) in shoes that were impossible to dance in. I proceeded to make a fool of myself dancing to New Jack sounds. As white as can be.

Additional note:

Almost lost my religion looking for this image. I finally settled on searching for "Tyra Banks face."


  1. No?

    sigh. registration for school tomorrow..wonderful.

  2. sorry.

    but on the positive side, i might finally get a job as a teacher.

    but not in the west Suburbs.

    i'm gonna be a mean teacher, too. one that upholds dignity and worth in each individual, but mean as hellenistic.

  3. Anonymous4:59 PM

    All Good, all they did was tape it. The show itself doesn't begin until the 12th of September. When I find out when the show will air I'll let you know. Also, you mentioned something about the NY times, I might be doing an interview with them as well, I still have to get back to them to see the details. One more thing to pray for me about is a Fox News interview I have on the 16th of August. It's all love bro. The word is spreading and light is shining let's pray it impacts lives and hearts and leads people to seek God's heart for their life.


  4. snap. busy boy.

    that's also a wide audience.

    will pray, jo.



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