Thursday, August 04, 2005

Oratory Cheek debuts!

Was gonna mention this on the last post, but it got kind of stuffed with stuff I thought is more interesting. I started yet another blog. Now, this isn't the same as the collective blog, Further Up, that is fine quality work and that nobody is going to even though they should and start bowing before their screens in abject adoration. This is, more or less, a site for archiving my speeches and preachings and maybe some lessons, etc., most of which are just to long to accomodate here.

If you so desire, you may peruse my work. If you so desire, you may pilfer. (Genius steals.) I only ask that you ask and give credit where credit is due (I could set up a PayPal account quite easily.) No, it's free. (But seriously, I could use some donations!)

So, again, while I will continue to hype up Further Up And Further In, I will not continue to blow the horn for Oratory Cheek (Yes, talking and praying cheeks).

Once again, Further Up And Further In is here.

While Oratory Cheek is here.

That is all.


  1. what does "pilfer" mean?

  2. from

    pil·fer Pronunciation (plfr)
    v. pil·fered, pil·fer·ing, pil·fers
    To steal (a small amount or item). See Synonyms at steal.
    To steal or filch.
    [From Middle English pilfre, spoils, from Old French pelfre.]

    i love the free dictionary ( answers to all life's biggest questions... if you're a word nerd.

  3. pilfer means to steel.


  4. is that a pun, jewelsali?

    to steel means to harden yourself.


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