Sunday, August 07, 2005

First off, props to mi hermano Johan Khalilian. While preparing to come back from a summer trip to So. Cal., he was asked to speak on the Tyra Banks show about living and teaching purity as a young adult in a thoroughly modern setting. Hey, I'll never reach that audience. The show airs Tuesday. Check your local listings.

Second, my pics are fast fading. I don't know if it's my comps or not (Don't know enough about 'em, but this one's been acting scwewy like Elmer Fudd falling for Bugs Bunny in drag.) but my images are disappearing like Speedy Gonzalez from the public image (Can't say I blame Warner Bros. for trying to Politically Correct that cultural faux pas.). Does anybody know a free, easy-to-use image uploader that is compatible with blogger and will save images on to the site? Right now, I'm thinking of just saving images onto the computer and posting it using the Blogger image uploader feature thingy.

Isn't she lovely?

One more thing: I'm going to try to update a few of my old "poems" throughout the week. Not that you care. But I do. And this is my blog. So, there, sucka!


  1. How are you linking the images?

    If you're linking the images from someone else's server they are going to disappear. Some sites don't allow you to do that. You're "stealing" bandwith from their server.

    Like, if someone were to see and image on my site such as and they used that link to display the image on their site I would be really pissed, because I pay for that bandwith that they are using.

    You have to sign up for your own image hosting and then link them on your blog. You can try

  2. Ahhh Gabi-lush read my mind. I was gonna recommend Photobucket, because it seems to work with any application.

    And your use of the word 'sucka' at the end of your post...ahhh...I'm SO rubbing off on you :)


  3. does it cost?

    and i thought the internet was all about sharing.

    alright, i'll try them, but i kinda doubt it at this point, since i don't have scanners or a digital cam (or any type, really...)

    and i've used sucka at least since 'i'm gonna get you sucka' was being advertised.

  4. I always thought Bugs Bunny looked sexy in drag!

  5. well, this conversation's going places!

    "he's the rabbit. shoot the rabbit!"

  6. Sorry for my lack of words. Maybe I have been spending too much time on my puter?

  7. maybe...

    no, i'm just foolin'. it doesn't bother me.

    if it wasn't for those big feet (and the prior knowledge), i would've thought the same about bugs in drag. look at those eyes.

    course, innocence is bliss. but, yeck!

  8. You would've thought the same about bugs in drag? Look at those eyes? OK. You have shown me what I must sound like when you and others read my reply. I shall shut up now.

  9. like i said, it's all cool.

    btw, you don't have a blog of your own do you? i just checked the other day.

  10. Still learning this bloggie stuff. I studied E.E. so using text with out numbers can be a bit confusing to me.

  11. yeah, i'm an english teacher. (e.e. means electrical engineer, right?) just the opposite.

    i have no idea how to do the simplest html tags. except for images. i had to learn that one, otherwise i'd have bored myself to sleep long ago.

    hey, always a pleasure. we're a couple hours later here, so i gotta go to bed. and thanks for the compliment on barbara's site.



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