Friday, June 24, 2005

yes, detroit lost

But they lost to the best team in the world. One with hardly any chinks in the chain.

That's what a defense-oriented team looks for. That's why Detroit so handily beat the lazy Lakers last year. They had chinks the size of their egos. San An didn't. But to hear the networks tell it, nobody was watching the series, save myself, my roommates and the Spurs fans just below us (Typical sports fans, cursing and hollering at their tv's, much as we were doing at the NCAA Illini/N.C game at my church a couple months ago. I'm kidding. We're non-denominationals. We weren't hollering.).

That's too bad. The Spurs and the Pistons were firing on all cylinders and putting on basketball clinics for the whole nation. ABC - which flippin' owns ESPN - doesn't seem to know what to do with such a precious commodity. So they give it to their play-by-play football guy and Andy Warhol. The only thing missing from their coverage was Tiger Woods and Madden. Oh, and some life.

Oh, and to the detractors, where on earth was Phoenix, Miami and Houston during this series? Thank you.


  1. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating. i will keep gloating.

    I knew my day would come, ha!

    Hey now, don't sacrilegously mention The Suns. 'Thank you' my rear, the Pistons still lost. And that's all I was hoping for :)

    Ok, now to be a true fan of basketball, I must admit that Timmy's FunDmentals alongside slick ball handling from Parker and off the wall, flawless execution by both Ginobili and Bowen are what good ball games are all about.

    And Billups, Rip and McDyess are brilliant talents, I admit.

    But come on...if that was The Suns and The Heat, the series would've been WAY MORE EXCITING. Trust me. Nothing like 2 highly offensive teams sratching each others eyes out with more turnovers than apples. Gotta love it.

  2. sorry, my arse. is your brain on sabbath too?

    why won't you recognize the whole teams? you keep dissin' my boys wallace. and the suns and the heat didn't make it. heat are going to be a force to reckon with. but they weren't this year. pistons simply took advantage of the chinks in the armor, baby, that's all there is to it.

    'more turnovers than dolly madison' you mean.

    let the non-fans worry about what is more exciting or sexy. good defense is good defense. pats. white sox. detroit and san an. i would include ravens on this list, but they're a**stains in the skiddy underwear of football.

    and they lost in seven games. please, who else can say that? new york yanx?


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