Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I'm the last...

I knew when I saw the schizoid on the 'L' talking into her cell phone that it was time for me to get mine.

The difference is, my service will be on.


  1. Gabrielle12:26 PM

    "Whatchu talkin bout willis?!"

    The schizoid? Are you inventing new slang words? I can never understand slang. It took me forever to understand what a bustdown was.

    Anyway only true chicagoans will understand your use of the word 'L.' :-P

    No service? See that is why I keep my phone off. I let people leave me a message and if I feel it's important enough for me to call back then I do.

    Ok in response to your comment on my blog:

    Yeah I just need a job to finish school and if I work at K-Mart it would be in customer service hopefully, which is funny because I really can't stand the general public, but I am able to pull it off and fake being nice and smiley, so people actually believe I'm patient and don't mind dumb customers. Wow. What a run on sentence.

    Hey what church do you go to? I meant to ask you that when I saw you were from Chicago.

    You see how I'm leaving all of these long comments on your blog? I'm making up for myself and all of the people who haven't commented in awhile. LoL.

  2. thanks, gabi. see, you can be nice when ya want to. kmart'll love ya. they'll eat you up an' spit you out.

    you're the only person i know who responds to people on their own blog. i don't know if i should respond to you on your blog or mine. maybe a little from column A, a little from column B.

    and it's not new slang. a schizoid is a person suffering from schizophrenia. i'm using the worst pop psych references, in probably the worst ways, but... i'll let you see to figure the joke out.

    i'm a deacon and youth director at New Hope Bible Church, a relatively small congregation in West Town (Humboldt Park, Logan Sq., Wicker Park and Ukranian Village area.) We're about a block away from Roberto Clemente High School. I don't know what you know about these areas, but...

    What about you? It sounds like your iglesia is quite large, a la Willow or Harvest. well, maybe not THAT large.

  3. Dude. Random comment.
    Thai food...it rocks.

  4. and the prettiest woman i know is thai.

    thai iced tea is good stuff. the rest of it, i could live without. though i don't hate it.

    korean bbq. that rocks!

  5. No, dudes, Egyptian food rocks! It'll rock you right to the bathroom.

    I love off-topic comment commentary.

  6. what is this, Queen?

    sounds like just about anything'll rock you to the bathroom right about now, ree-vee. and also, welcome back to my site. been a long time coming. just checked out your site this morn. looks be-a-yoot, chil'. quite a gamble changing your whole format, though, eh? looks like you have to start over, or was that a conscious choice?

  7. I make it easier on people sometimes and leave my comments to their comments and posts on their blog.

    No I live in the suburbs. I got to a decent sized church called Christian Life. I use to attend Living Word in Forest Park. Now that church was huge. The church was a mall and the sanctuary was inside of where the movie theatre had been.

  8. gabi,

    illl. ok, can i be honest? no? too bad.

    i don't like mall / warehouse churches. beyond all my other reservations of mega-churches, there's the spacial element. a church building should be a space onto its own and shouldn't have to remind us of industrialization or consumerism.

    maybe that's my my-church-a-hundred-and-ten-year-old-little-red-church self coming out, but... yeah. that's my story and i'm sticking with it.

    i knew you were from the burbs. but forest park? honey child, that's $$$.

    sorry timi. i think i might have to marry gabi.

  9. and i saw a tee today that said, 'i love bustdowns.'

    maybe we should make one that says, 'Jesus loves bustdowns.'


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