Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I have been wracking out over this one uber-post. Another essay which, generally speaking, is another long, long read. And I'm not near done. But in the meantime, everything else is blocked by it. (Ok, I had an elaborate and semi-funny one this morning about the Pistons - in fact, my doubts about them - but then God told me that I shouldn't. Y'know, be more mindful of Cee Bee Ree Vee. Yet I ignored the groaning in my spirit for a groaning in my belly. And then the server broke down again [too much wattage here].) But then I had a thought: Why not serialize it? Edible pieces. Duhh, right? So the piece, starting tonight with an intro is composed of some musing on legacy, community, and culture and how the American evangelical church - and me within it - have utterly failed to live up to these biblical commands.

The second post I'll put up tonight is this week's poem. I feel much more satisfied with this one, mainly because its closer to its ambitions. Which is, of course, small. Stream-of-consciousness with a tad bit of editing. Like it, love it, squeeze it. Doesn't too much matter.

And thirdly, I just felt a need to kind of explain myself. Most of my posts have been very Christian-centric in nature. I'm sorry if people are not feeling that. I don't come as an apologist, necessarily, but I do write what's on my heart. And at this period of time, Jesus and the Church are big on my heart. I think we (the Church) have done some horribly grievous acts and have stepped aside way too often. (Someone has said that the opposite of love isn't hate, it's inaction.) Yet, I also believe and can testify that we have been a part of the greatest actions in history too. I want to be a voice crying out in the e-wilderness for those great actions. But also, and this may be more relevant to my particular space and calling, I want to give a clearer picture of Christianity to those who think they may know about Christianity. I want to point a picture to the most beautiful person ever to walk the face of this earth and to the eccentric crowd that is trying to take his yoke upon them. And I want to give a more balanced picture of it than what is presented in tv screens all across the land (whether it be an R. Kelly video or a certain mega-church that says that we should dream big to align ourselves with the purposes God supposedly has for us, to be rich while others languish in poverty). That's my aim, for now.


Of course you know I haaaad to include this cheap shot:

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