Wednesday, June 29, 2005

If Destiny's Child officially breaks up...

...Does that mean that if I swoop in for Michelle Williams, I'll be the rebound guy?

Because I could live without that.

Just bide my time. Just bide my time.


  1. HELLOOOOO back to you too.

    Hahahahahahahaha. I wish DC3 would break up, but for different reasons.

  2. ooh wait where you talking about yourself? lol.

  3. yeah, i don't think you've got a crush on michelle williams.

    or do you?

    the hello is in response to your, 'i wish i knew cool people' - as i write this at midnight catching up on computer reading in my reddy reds.

  4. she is absolutely gorgeous! who wouldn't have a crush on her? lol.
    but yea my doors don't swing that way.

    she needs to come out on her own completely, because DC3 has her doing and singing some questionable things.

  5. and on the count of three,
    everybody step back to your fantasy.

    go. go. go

    ok, common aside,
    michelle needs to decide that her job with DC (or the parts of it that she justifies) and her profession of faith do not match up. could one be a Christian and an assassin? hellooo!

    thing is, she's smart enough to know, she's just refusing to let that truth win her over. and i don't know, why do i fall for the headstrong ones?

  6. you don't know me and i came across this blog by reading the "shameless plug" on a posting...but Destiny's Child is breaking up?! What?!

  7. destiny,

    can't believe it worked, but thank you.

    and how could you not hear about destiny's child breaking up? i wish i could give you a reference, but it was a couple weeks ago. i even saw 'em on 106 & park talkin' about how they'll be there forever for each other. (liars)

    thanks for swinging by. always a pleasure.

    i'll check out yours in awhile. peace.

  8. Jason,

    Yes my name really is Destiny! and any line you could say, i've heard them all...sadly! but yeah i know i need to post more, i just can't get up the inspiration or the # of readers, right now the total is probably 3, including myself!...anyways...check back at mine and maybe you'll find a new post!


  9. Ahhh man, I should've plugged my site on (ir)revelant too! I wasn't thinking that low-handed at the time though :P

    You're gonna end up taking her last name though, Mr. Dye-Williams.

  10. chris,

    maybe. we'll have to live off her income, though, while i sell poetry off the back of a truck just for kicks.

    i plugged myself twice today, btw. relevant does have a fairly large leadership.


    just so's you know: my name is Jason. Michael. Dye. you think you've heard it all? and i'm a teacher. ('what's your name? die? wow.' or 'die, mr. dye, die." quite a freaky command.

    anyway, as i was telling revolt's friend earlier, you should get in the habit of writing first, then finding your audience. or rather helping your audience find you. not that i've got great readership, (great readers, of course), but generally speaking, a lot more people pass by than will stop by, your job is to get that traffic up, but, more importantly, make 'em slow down.

    you demonstrated some skill in that paragraph poem, tellin' ya.

  11. Who cares about Destiny's Child...Im still crying over the fact that Boyz II Men are no longer a 4some. WHAT THE!!!

    Michelle Williams is weird Jason. I think Christine, Gabi & I need to teach sister girl how to work it in high heels. Your girl be strugglin. lol...she's tripped in heels about 10,000,000,045 times. That's sad.

  12. HAHAHA, that's so true T! She's kind of a clutz. And now that I think about it, how you gonna be a chu'ch girl, but can't walk in some heels..hmmm?

    *lights candle in honor of Boyz II Men* *sniffle*

  13. sorry 'bout the boyz three men. i didn't know that they were still around. till the end of the road. and i love you.


    and she don't need to walk in high heels. she can walk in boots. calf-length, pref. heck, i'll love her in flip flops. bf&p,itk.

  14. LoL @ Timi. For real! I feel bad for her. Every girl should know how to walk in heels.

    jason, flip flops? flip flops are not sexy. lol. flip flops are cute when you're going to the beach. she can't go to awards shows and do concerts in flip flops.

  15. they're not sexy. i don't care for them at all. i don't wear 'em.

    but she is sexy. and what hath jason&michelle to do with award shows.

    she can do award shows every once in a while. low heels, i suppose.

    but as soon as somebody gets my bf&p,itk joke, i know i'll be in trouble.


  16. Jason,
    thanks for the compliment, much appreciated...especially when you are complimenting someone who only has interest in the arts, but pursuing them is a different matter. The corporate world may be calling my name! oh my! Anyways, yes, badonkadonk...I knew the definition, that's why I made fun of my friend. He's odd, but a nice guy! I find that my poetry does represent praise, but moreso..inner thoughts captured in words. Well hey...take care and keep me updated on Destiny's Child..reunion?? lol

  17. I saw your girl at Live 8 in philly...the non-high heel walking heffa messed up Mavis Staples' song!

  18. ok, beyonce's version of gospel is atrocious. just plum show-boating. no sense of feel or respect for gospel music past or present. she takes a form of it, and then decides that she'll live and die by it. however, it merely sounds derivative and self-centered.

    michelle's is also bad. boring bad. and i grew up in a church of hymns and a few campfire songs. i don't even know what to say besides the fact that i have never once bought any of her albums. i don't really respect her as an artist. she's extremely pretty, but that SHOULD have nothing to do with her ability to get me to buy an album from her. if that were the case universally, such no talents as britney spears, um jennifer lopez and, let's see, jessica simpson would sell a lot of records.


    and, as i've noted before, michelle has a personality. we don't see it so much now, but it's there, i saw it once before. i can feel it. i know she's good in there. (i sound like luke skywalker trying to convince yoda and obi wan - and himself - about his father's goodness.)

    but i don't just blame michelle for her poor performance or thinking abilities (although that is a large part of it) i blame svenknowlesli. still manager, still producer. doesn't understand gospel, or personalities, unless they are larger than life (his daughter).

    i know there's good in there. hold on beautiful one, i'm comin' ta get ya.

  19. Lmbo. I like some of Michelle's songs, such as....Love Thang with Dawkins and Dawkins...and...and, wait never mind I just like one song and I only like it because of the lyrics and the BGV's by D&D. She has a unique singing voice and sometimes it can be annoying. You're right she is pretty boring though. Now what kind of personality did you see? There is something about Michelle that I just can't put my finger on. No backbone? I don't know.

  20. hey, will y'all let off?

    that would be a sore spot if i actually did care for her.

    but, she is funny. and that counts a lot in my book. (as the current collective accounts for) i don't know if she's funny anymore. and she's got a bit of a wit. maybe a bit sarcastic. i'm basing all of this off of like one interview on the Today show where the other two were not at there sharpest. actually, rather dull, rather like spoons. michelle, despite being as tired as the other two, made me laugh. and, anyway, that's all it takes in those romance movies, one look, one meeting. so why can't it work in real life?

    are dawkins and dawkins still around?

    and gabi, it's that ever elusive meee-oww factor.

  21. d&d aren't around anymore. they're doing their own things. they've produced some songs for other people's albums, but other than that i don't think they sing together anymore.

    lol. i have to see more interviews where it's just her, because whenever it's DC3 together Beyonce is always center stage.

  22. yeah, i think that was the one exception. although i saw them for a minute, together, on 106 'bout a week ago. and kelly was talking crap about them being best friends forever, when they each walk down the aisles (hey, that's enough jokes already, timi) and have babies.

    they'll split ways like nicole&paris.

  23. congratulations, guys. i got a reader who passed through here googling for 'love bustdowns.' i have no idea what they expected passing through here (no jokes, timi!), but i think it was you, gabi, who brought up the bustdown phrase.

    ha ha!

    and another one bites the dust!


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