Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Commissioner, is there a six foot bat flying around Gotham?

Ok, I looooved the original Batman movie. The one with the rubber shark jumping out of the water and biting Batman and Robin while they're hanging on to a helicopter's rope ladder. It's a good thing Batman incidentally had his handy shark repellant with him that day. "Where does he get such wonderful toys?"

And I loved, loved, loved the late 80's Tim Burton take on the Bat's, The Joker. "You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? I ask that of all my victims."

But upon revisiting the classic a year ago, even though I will always be endeared to Nicholson's portrayal of the Green-Haired One, Keaton was stoic. Too stoic (Read: Booooring!). He was great when Burton released him to over-act in Beetlejuice. In fact, that's Burton's forte: The eccentric overactor standing in for the eccentric over-acting teenage angst pile that is Tim Burton. Which is why Heston got that cameo in the Planet of the Apes: Marky Mark Strikes Back. Which is why Depp's so great for him (eccentricity takes precedence over over-acting) and Robin Williams and Al Pacino (overacting at all costs) work best when hemmed in by thoughtful directors - the likes of Chris Nolan (Insomnia. A movie starring both of them that I liked. A-flippin'-mazin'!).

See how it all comes full circle? I was aching to go see it tonight, but my roommate's aren't home and I don't have my notes for the other post I wanted to do, so... you're stuck with this.

I love this semi-review by Peter T. Chattaway. Him just mulling over some movies is more insightful than most 'reviews' and certainly anything on the boob tube. (Take that, Richard Roeper!) And, of course Ebert also had some great things to say about it, noting that it's the Batman movie that he didn't know he was waiting to see. In fact, most reviewers I read (Jeffrey Overstreet, Chattaway, Ebert and Steven D. Greydanus) more or less hated Burton's first version and raved about this one. Me? I don't know...

Vickie Vale.
Vickie Vale.


  1. Haha. No sisters huh? I don't have any sisters either. I have 6 brothers. Sorry to have grossed you out there. I forget that you and Adam and an other guys occassionally drift by.

    When you said I hadn't posted in a minute I was like, huh? I have a lot of other online journals. I post practically every day, but not always in the same one.

    Anyway Ed Cash? Who is that? I've never heard of him either. I just discovered Barnes yesterday or whenever I made that post. LoL.

    I'm in some kind of acoustic face right now, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Matt Wertz. Who knows what my next phase will be.

    Good post, wordy for something so simplistic, but good nonetheless. :-)

  2. that's me, wordy. well, when i write. when i talk it's all, "... yess... mmhmm... m'k'."

    ed cash is a producer in CCM circles. again, i'm not too familiar with him, but he does caedmon's call an' some stuff. the more respectable CCM stuff.

  3. Haha. I commented in the wrong post. It took me forever to find the comment link yesterday. I'm slow.

    Yea I'm like that too. I'm not too good with verbal communication. I usually have nothing to say. Instead of talking to people I would write 2 page emails.

  4. well, my anticipatory batman movie post was probably wordy too. but don't mess with my serial essays, girl. (i'm guessing that's what you were referring to.)

    emails are easier, aren't they. you get your word in, you wait a couple days. you get your response. piece o' cake.


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