Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pics of My Babies (from my youth group. Hands off, pervs! I'll break your collarbones!)

Miss Mooshie in her b-boy stance (I betcha can't do like us.).

I took some of my kids to Pizza Hut today. I was left with the bill (of course). But the adults I also invited to hang out with them bolted for the first open table before we even got there - without calling me. Hah! Jerk roommates and assorted friends! That's why they get no camera love. (You can argue I don't get no camera love either. But I think I'm dead sexy!)

That's me, Pete and li'l Trenise, Pete's cousin's daughter. Yeah, we're b-e-a-u-tiful.

Camera-shy Darshay's sipping some Pepsi. Jemel looks positively ghastly in the light back there. Everybody else weaves... I mean, says hello from the back o' their heads.

Chicago's famous Lou Malnati's for an after-party for a church. (Although this particular restaraunt... meh.) I love it when the photo-genic comply and stay put, even if it's for a cheesy black&white from a cheesy cam-phone in a night shot on a cheesy, greasy table (thanks to us, btw.)A cam-phoneninja attack. Markisha and Trenise. Both compound names. End the Madness!

Did you seriously think I was gonna end this post by saying something cheesy like, "Best Friends Forever?" No, instead,

Don't ever let me see you in this place again, sucka!


  1. i am adorable, aren't i?

  2. and oh-so-humble too . . .

  3. now, c'mon. look at that pic! don't i look positively heroic AND humble?

    like a modern-day superman w/o the muscles.

  4. You look positively . . .



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