Monday, November 07, 2005

I Puff-Daddy'd this first one from Looking Closer

First, I've raved plenty on Over the Rhine. My favorite mood music, honestly. If ever I get sad again (probably at 10:30 pm), Ohio and Drunkard's Prayer are the albums du jour (or is that duex jour? I don't speak-a any language so good!). So, I was fairly excited to hear that they're up for a Grammy nomination. The reason I say 'fairly excited' is because... well, it's the Grammys (c). And of course, it's some obscure little nook and cranny, like Best Folk/Acoustic Performance by a Non-Homosexual Duo or something like that.

I finally got around to getting LA Symphony's Disappear Hear. Nice. Thanks to the cats who kept me up-to-beat. I had heard all this good news about LA Symph and then bought The End Is Now, only to be let-down. This one, though, is a bit of a bouncy, danceable bumper from start-to-finish. Too bad the sound system in my church office consists of blown-out computer speakers.

Also finally getting around to watching the Firefly series on DVD. I still hold to the opinion that you didn't need to watch the series to view Serenity, but it'd help. By the way, rent the whole boat-load. Joss Whedon, space and cowboys! What more need I say?

And, what else has been going on?

Oh yeah! My secret friend has been upgraded to special friend. It's only a matter of time... (Lord, please, take care of those obstacles as only you can.)


  1. Over the Rhine will be in Chicagoland again on Dec. 3, at Old Town School of Folk Music.

  2. oh, pricey.

    but probably worth it.

    jen, you wanna stay an extra week?

  3. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Love to, but I promised my kids I'd come home. . .

    Next time for sure ;)

  4. well, i guess the kids would miss you and all.

    i sure would.

  5. Yeah, I'm still trying to decide whether or not to go. The show I went to last month was really cheap, being a college show. And the tickets had a coupon for a $10 CD at Wheaton's bookstore, so the ticket pretty much bought itself. But Old Town is such a great venue.

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