Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Good news

Paulie's staying with the White Sox. And if that weren't enough...

The Bulls are winning. Although nobody expects a breakthrough year for them again, they are in the toughest division and holding their own. Although we lost to the Knicks tonight, both teams seem to be on the right paths recently, them with Larry Brown (if anybody can shape-up Curry, it's Brownie) and us with winning on the West Coast during Barnum & Bailey '05. I still want a good center in Chicago. AD, if you're listening...

Well, we still have (although for a different sport) Kreutz. So, maybe I spoke too hastily about the need for a good center in the city. Although, if I were to qualify that statement as, "a good center who doesn't knock-out other team members in firing ranges," we may still be looking. In other news, the Bears just keep winning. Although some are saying we're overhyped, trust me, Chicago fans are in need of a - and deserve a - little excitement XX years after Super Bowl XX.

We ain't here to cause no trouble. We're just here to do the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Cubs? Oh well, always next year.

Blackhawks may as well move south. Or north. East. West. To Siberia. I don't care. Can we make the Wolves our mainstay pro hockey team? Oh, they already are?

On a less global level, my church finally replaced me (well, in a good way) and I have more time to concentrate on my new teaching job.

We actually have some time in the day, now that the kids have started gym classes, to get some work and preperation done.

And, Starfish Studios, a not-for-profit filmmaking company that I've volunteered for (and would like to again) that works alongside urban children and youth is having a great year. (Although, I'm sure Vision Nehemiah would appreciate your prayers.)

To all: Peace.


  1. That Starfish business looks really cool. I may have to look into that.

  2. yeah, do. they could use whatever help you can deliver. and scott's one funny cat.


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