Sunday, November 20, 2005

Arrested Development's development has been... well, you got the joke by now.

I already made the joke with the rap group, so I won't do that again (A game of horseshoes?). But I just Netflixed season 2 and am in the thick of watching it (between sleeping and ostensibly grading papers and reading a young adult lit novel). Hilariousity ensues.

My favorite joke is where the emotionally crippled and oedipal younger brother Buster (as an 11 year old) finds out that Rosa, the maid, accidentally let his parakeet out and, as revenge, raids what he believes to be her living area - yes, the kitchen. Later, he throws her favorite toy (the Dirt Devil) at her car (the city bus). That same episode ("Good Grief") has a running visual gag concerning the Vince Guaraldi Trio soundtrack to the Charlie Brown Christmas special and some low laying of the head, along with a special apparence by a large red doghouse and a poorly trained beagle, a spider-hole, an Anne Frank reference, and a mock burial where the only one sad was also trying to get with the bounty-hunter catering the event.

How could you not love this show?
Oh, and there's this little magic act intro/dance.

In the meantime, I found this nifty little AD spot, remniscent of (The Simpsons' fans' archive web site), only a little more current.

Oh, by the way, in case you didn't know why I wrote this, Arrested Development has been cancelled. Presumably to make room for better Fox fare, like Stacked and that show with Michael Rappaport that ruins Sunday evenings for countless King of the Hill and Simpsons fans who may want to watch Family Guy and don't care for the weeping shows on ABC.


  1. Yes, AD gets cancelled but Ashlee Simpson will still be allowed to screech in public. I tried to watch network sitcoms last night(2 1/2 Men, something with Fonzie and Stockard Channing, etc.) for an hour and didn't laugh once. But the creme of the crap is this show "Bananas" on TBN, which features Christian stand-up comedy. Ouch. This show will soon make that an oxymoron..."Christian stand-up comedy". Would have rather listened to a Carman CD for a least I would have laughed much more(of course, those laughs would have been unintentional).

  2. ashley simpson's hilarious all on her own. she doesn't deserve a show any more than her sister. but i do hope she gets some more live apparences.

    the fact that 2 1/2 Men was the most popular new sitcom last year says alot about new sitcoms and their audiences. so does the cancellation of Arrested Development. who programs Fox anyway? don't they know how to sell comedy and good shows on their first run?

    that was a rant. sorry.

    Christian stand-up comedy isn't already an oxymoron?

    Carman is on a Mission (3:16) for a Champion. Confession: used to love his corny crizzap.


    spitting that taste out of his mouth.

  3. that should have been:

    *spitting that taste out of his mouth*

    not to be confused with, "spitting that taste out of Carman's mouth."

    that would be disgusting.

  4. I sat front row at a Carman concert on his "A2J" tour. I could watch Kathy Bates pole-dance naked for a half-hour and not be half as traumatized.

  5. why the jeebers did you do that? community service? were you convicted of a horrible crime?

    i mean, i know you've had to have done some hard-scrabble stuff for youth ministry, but that's just not fair.

    was it for love? i hope - if that's the case - that it was your wife and that she's over that phase.

    were you trying to experience hell on earth?


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