Wednesday, November 30, 2005

that small

The art of
Magic is hard
to write about;
you experience it
as you fall under
its spell
The smell of
Basil commands
you view around
a blind-taste brilliance;

bulbs wince, they've seen the sun, they're
that small


  1. i liked very much your small poem for your blog it was very interesting ..

  2. thank you. and i like very much your name.

  3. I have a friend named Shushi! Shushi is that you!?

    Actually her name is Ksusha, silent K, but turned into a 'sh' sound somehow. Then we shorten it to Ksu. Then when I'm whining to her about something it becomes Ksushi.

    Anyway ummm...infinitesimal brilliance! I love it. Basil smell is intoxicating and wonderfully potent for the post-nasal drip sufferer. Don't ask how I know, just believe it.

    Hmmm...This has the quiet elegance of a Wordsworth poem, but way WAY more clever.

  4. you're always comparing me to him. i never considered myself a fan of wordsworth.

    i do like to play with the words, eh? but i wouldn't call this work (which i just started on last night at the coffeeshop, btw, and is nowhere near complete) brilliant, certainly not w/ that adverb.

  5. Noooot Wordsworth, I always compare you to Eliot, maaaan. (I don't really like Wordsworth either, but this reminded me of Tintern Abbey a lil, which I like). And you do write A LOT like Eliot, a lil more reserved though, that's the only major difference.

    It is brilliant, anything small is brilliant. Think about it.


  6. t.s. eliot? wow. dude's a lot more knowledgeable than i am. for instance, he knows more sanskrit than me.

    is tintern alley near tin pan alley?

    i do like eliot, although i wouldn't really consider him an influence either, for said reason. but, in any case, thanks for the compliments. i do take them to heart.

  7. tintern abbey. just caught that.

    and now, it's time for bed. no warren zevon for me.


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