Tuesday, October 04, 2005

White Sox, Bay-Bay!

Hey, a sports fan is a sports fan. And a Chicago fan belongs, lives and dies by his home town teams. I'm saying this because I'm a Chi-area bandwagoneer to the supreme. Heck, I'm a Colonel in the Chicago Teams Bandwagon. This is not to say that I only support teams when they're good. I'm always first and formost a fan of teams in Chicago and our near 'burbs. (Sorry, no DeKalb County teams for me.) So, I've been rooting for the Bulls from end-on. Back when Dickie Simpkins was the best thing they had goin' for them. And the Bears. And the Rush. Although I'd love to have a professional football team in Chicago soon, it's just not gonna happen. But if one team is underperforming and acting like a bunch of wussies (enter Cubs stage left) about broadcast personalities who tell it like it is while another is scampering and trying hard - regardless of whether or not they're winning (luckily they are), then I'm going for the team that hustles.

Not Matt Clement.

Anyway, I would like to thank a former North Side pitcher for giving us a break today so that our White Sox (empty stadiums during the year and all. Thank you, Scary Jerry!) can open up a gash on Boston's forhead by the first inning and finish them off by the fourth. Those two beans were especially appreciated, seeing as how you walked the league's best base thief.

Tomorrow, I know, will be a different story. But, seriously, Matt, I'm gonna buy you a beer.


  1. if I have to hear about baseball one more time i'm going to poke someone in the eye. everyday when i go to class the stupid baseball fanatics are always talking about baseball. we can't even start class, because they're having some "indepth" convo about what they expect the game to be like. who cares!!!!! haha. yea i hate sports. people pay too much to see these athletes accomplish and do nothing. i remember seeing some documentary on tv about some big event in baseball awhile back. all of these people were crying because their team won and then on the other side the losing team was crying because their team lost. one guy in particular, you would have thought he was at a funeral or someone had ripped out his heart he was so dang emotional!

    somebody should have told him to get a life.

  2. oh yea sorry for ranting on your blog. hmm..maybe i'll post my comment on my myspace blog just for the heck of it. well that's it i'm going to bed. i think.

    how freakin annoying is it that every time i want to post a comment i have to fill out this word verification! omg! all i want to do is type my comment, post it and go! darn spammers!

  3. well, if you'd look at your blog, you'd realize how a few of us are making it into a dialogue center. Lord knows you're not writing on it.

    well, sorry. with the sox doing well - and going on for the pennant - and b-ball starting next season, as well as having a football coaching roommate, plus the college seasons underway and starting, i need to be about sports for a while. cuz the beginning of baseball season bores the mess out of me.

    i have to word verify too. today's word is gxsaqvq. children, can you say 'gxaqvq?' no? you're not listening.


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