Thursday, October 27, 2005

Week-ending Update

Traditionally, a best-of-seven series means the first team or individual to win four games wins the series.

For all of the hype (and despite the best efforts of SI to curse us yet again), the White Sox took the World Series in less time than it would take for a laughably histrionic Latin American manager to bodily signal for a really large and wide closer.

But, you already knew that. Unless you've been living under a rock. Or the social equivalent of that, northern South America or Toronto.

And, as if talking about it makes it magically become better, I learned some things about manCHILD and Dust from an interview this week. For one, did you know that they're actually supported by networks of people that give of their resources on a regular basis? I don't know if it's incorporated or not, but Mars Ill is, in many ways, a really cool and down-to-earth missionary organization. Take that, Brian.


  1. *cough*yay for the white socks*cough*

    Ahem! Anyway, I love marsILL, but they really should have just tried to create their own music. I know it's easy, but why even bother sampling secular music?

    But yea, I heard about them having a "support group."

  2. oops i mean sox! haha! geez i really have to stop spelling things the way that they sound.

  3. oh screw. i had a whole long comment (you know how i roll) and blogge just went funny on me.

    i'm tired, but i want to address that in the near future with a post about that, capt. zilla.

  4. I picked up my first marsILL disc today (backbreakanomics). Very excited to give it a spin.

  5. that is a great, great one. i think of mars ill as my fave hip-hop duo. raw mats is also great.


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