Saturday, October 01, 2005

I cannot make this stuff up!

One of my supervisors/advisors for teaching (I need a lot of them) was giving me advice the other day. It was a particularly frustrating week. For all of us. I'm just saying that because I was pretty exhausted and I'm wondering if I was able to hold my composure in keeping the laugh inside.

Her: You know, you have to have show your students and have them respect that this is your classroom, that they should walk in and leave out and the room will look just as nice when they leave as when they come. Umm... Have you ever watched "Seinfeld?"

Me: Yes.

Her: You remember that episode, (dramatic breath) Master of the Domain?

Me: (Hopefully without wincing or a trace of irony) Yes.

Her: That's you. You have to tell the students that you are the Master of your Domain. This here (gesturing the entire classroom with a breath of the arms) is your domain. And you are the Master. (Smiles) Understood?

Me: (Hopefully without wincing or a trace of irony. Looking hard at the floor now, only occasionally looking up to catch her eyes. Back down as soon as I think about that phrase.) Yes.

If you don't get it, there's a cartoon about two posts down that may or may not clear things up for you. In fact, if you don't get it, it's best I not teach you it.


  1. Wow........I could've had way too much fun with that conversation.

  2. that convo seemed so diluted. i mean she was obviously a teacher, but did she forget that you are one as well, and not a student. that's interesting..and the killing kittens thing on the other post...that's just wrong!

    oh yeah and HI...haven't posted to ya in a while!


  3. Wonder Ginia!

    Hey, missed ya kiddo.

    i don't think the problem is in her telling me what i needed. she is, after all, my advisor. that's what she's paid for. it was the reference point.

    the killing kittens post. i'm amazed PETA hasn't wrung my collar yet.

    my word this time is "jnbmr" - which, i assume, is a seasonal high quality car.

  4. hahaha, i could just see the struggle in your head written (blankly) on your face.


    like geico commercials.

    thanks for being the 1st to bless my new bloggerminium.

  5. thank you, chris. you understand.

  6. Yeah...thanks for that. I hope you know that I hundted down the teleplay and read it.

    My only question for YOU is:

    would you zip up first, or catch mama?

    now THAT, Ladies and Gentrymen, is a dilemma.

  7. you read the teleplay?

    why don't you just watch the episode, nerd?

    and i have no idea. i don't remember most of that episode.

  8. ohh, now i'm starting to fill in the blanks (no double entendres, please!)

    like three weeks later.

    wrong! i'm zippin'. why?? if you have to ask, you don't have a mama.


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