Monday, October 03, 2005

dag nab it!

most of the managers in my fantasy football league are women. you'd think i might be able to do something. i was on vacation during draft day. that's ok, right, cuz i got tiki barbar (yes, the elephant king) and peyton manning (cousin, apparently, to water peyton). but, nooo, the colts are putting out their greatest defense possibly ever and somebody forgot to wake up manning.

apparently, they don't need him. well, hell, i do!!

wake the flip up, manning.

these other cats, i never even heard of. no, that's not true. i got t.o. and ricky 'crazy' williams. two most talented flippin' gone overboards the world's seen in a minute.



aww heck naw. i was looking at the wrong team. that's blackbottom girl (remember the Queen song) timi-tims' team. ahhh, that's why she's still in the bottom, too! i've got tampa bay's defense (about three years too late) and jimmy walker from good times as my backup rb.


  1. *yawn*



    ah man...wake me up when the bball preseason posts start.

  2. just for you, i'm gonna post daily updates of the sox-on-sox violence.

  3. i'm against men in spandex jumping on top of one another. it ain't right man. i'm tellin ya! it ain't right! real men don't play football.

  4. is that why you're a cubs fan, stinky?

  5. who's a cubs fan? heck i'm not even a soxs fan or even a baseball fan. baseball is boring. i'd rather watch golf.

  6. you are, apparently. did you just say 'soxs fan?'

    the new word is 'wgibbxwg.' it's a new kind of word.


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