Sunday, October 23, 2005

Another low-rated post is up and away!

For some reason, my posts about sports, and particularly baseball, and particularly the White Sox, are pretty much ignored. The few sports-related writings that I catch in the blogocosmos tend to focus on college ball. Maybe that's just my neck of the woods. A slight majority of my blogger-friends are girls, after all. For the most part, where younger, so we've been disenfranchised by the corporate and hands-down greed of corporate (read, professional) sports. So, we cling to the highest level of sports purity we can find, collegiate.

I tend to think that that way of thinking is deceptive. Look at the academic, social, moral and sexual scandals that have been rocked from such learned places as the U. of Minnesota, Colorado U., and even the prestigious and Baptist Baylor University. Look at all the monies that come into the NCAA and the top competitive schools through the BCS and March Madness. And then watch where the money trickles. No one can really say that they're getting a fair shake out of the deal. Not the athletes (many of whom can claim to make much more in the pros than their stipend of books and allowances, and many of whom are cheated of a fair education), not the general population (how many regular students in state colleges work their tails off to get a fair share of the educational piece), not the alumni (who are, honestly, being sidewined into helping the school out financially), and not the schools (who lose focus whenever these big events happen).

For all that negative carping I just went on about, there's plenty of positives (school pride, donor funds, the human drama on the stage of the open fields that is sports, unity, healthy outlets for stressed students and alumni, and just plain ol' fun), but my point is that I don't think that the divide between pro- and collegiate- sports it's all that it's cracked up to be.

With that, Sox will continue working their magic tonight. Just as they did with Contreras last night, with his arms of Advil supplements. Crede was, well... no more puns. But he got my player of the game with his tight defensive throwing arm and runs.

And, that's about it.

I'm sure I'll get some comments now.


  1. White Sox fan? I have a friend who played for them in the late-90's. Chris Snopek was his name...replaced Robin Ventura at third for one ill-fated season. have a reply to a sports post. Cheers!

  2. yeah!!!

    and this makes two.

  3. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Well, now we know you can count.

    There's three. Merry Christmas.

  4. you missed my post from earlier, apparently. with a picture of The Count.

    or, as Colombians call him, el Counto.

  5. Anonymous5:17 PM

    But what do the Brittish call him???

  6. Bloody Mary.

    y'know, for someone who teases me about my grammar, you leave quite a few typos, lovely.

    and, i think there's a set-up here where you can get a name, even if you're not on the system. i hate replying to anon, even if i know who you are jenny-jens.

  7. electrical currents??


    you'll definitely have to run that by me.

    though i think it's funny that you linked to a neil young lyric page. esp. since i was talking about "Cinnamon Girl" less than an hour ago. (yes, the life of the party i am, talking about a cat's name).

  8. Lets just say those lyrics are almost my autobiography... sad as it seems. Electrical Currents? Huh? You got it Jason! I post that when ever I hit reply and all I am doing is talking with myself. It is said that less then 1% of the population are E.E.s thus chances are that less then 1% of the people reading my reply would be able to understand it. It has nothing to do with brains, more to do with one's background.


  9. Anonymous4:23 PM

    So, now you're a closet electrical engineer, J?

    The more you know . . .

  10. yes, those skills have yet to be outted.


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