Thursday, September 22, 2005

You like me, you really, really like me!!

Being the comments um... attention-gatherer that I am (I probably shouldn't use the word that I feel so natural using. Probably because I feel so natural using it.), every once in a while (translation: everyday) I check out my site meter page to find out how many people come to visit me, where they're live and where they came in from.

Surprisingly, not many are coming, presumably, from porno pages. Which probably explains why I have such sparse traffic. Well, that and the fact that I don't try real hard to bring others in to this page and I don't work hard at maintaining those relationships. Especially now.

One day while doing a less regular search of - where you get to type in the name of your blog and find out who's linked to it, etc., - I was delighted to find out that someone had me linked as a must-read, even though I didn't know her. A friend of a friend of Timi's said she's been a longtime visitor, no-time caller. Since none of the members of the 5-fresh crew's had time recently, she seems like a good sister with some lengthy (a compliment in my view) commentaries on what it means to be a Christ-follower in this generation. And she listed me first on her list (of course because I'm the best of the best. Right??). And she stone-quoted Arrested Development. So, if you ever thought what Mr. Left Cheek might sound like if he were a she and a black she at that, check out Spirit's Footprints in the Sand.

But I was wondering why all this rash of people had come to visit me from the Youth Specialties Blog Ring page. So, a few days later I'm checking technorati again and I spot a link in their page. duh! But check this, I made the list for, quote, "Jason gets the Most Random Post of the Week, I think!," unquote. Turns out that the conversation between Timi and my parents that exists only in my bloggery was fairly entertaining. Although apparently not enough that people would leave comments, but still!

Let me also say, I hate the way this blog looks in IE.

Oh, and Christine-Canada is still on some sort of self-imposed Sabbatical, but she left a riff that could take several enjoyable weeks to read. Bon apetit, mes amis!


  1. I could've sworn I had left a comment about the Random Post Of The Week. Oh well, sorry!

  2. well, you know what happens when a bunch of youth workers get together...

    that's right, nothing.

    thanks for leaving one this time derek.

  3. dude i had something to say and now i forgot!!! :(

  4. you're such a gabi.

  5. and did you just say 'dude?'

  6. omg jason im scared out of my mind.

    why me?!?!!

  7. ok. i've used up what little i know trying to find out what happened. to the best of my knowledge, it's gone.

    but tell me if you need me to show any muscle (i'll need a couple weeks to develop it. i'm sorry. that's a joke.)

    i do hope you're all right. some people are just a**holes. and i'm saying that as a minister, as a man, and as a teacher.

    always, always, God is good. God is good.

  8. That's why I surround myself with kittens. That way, when one of the furballs croak, I'll get called to the carpet with the quizickness...
    And I only have 5 cats...
    So dead cat-casses could get really old really quickly.
    Couldn't it be, that each time a mosquito dies?? Then single frustrated men with low self esteem all across the world would be heroes. And West-Nile obliterators.

  9. they're not lab birds. they don't smell unhealthy amounts of toxic gas and pass away to warn you of impending doom.

    they die 'cuz we men are selfish.

  10. ohhh.


    but adam started it.

  11. amen.




    ya'll stop. we need to be holy before the lord. LOL

  12. hey.

    i just tried to leave two comments on your site there, nolongeratjewelsali. my comp doesn't like your overactive xanga, woman.

    but did ol' boy (like literally *old boy* just say, 'is karate cool?'?)

  13. i'll be there saturday. for real this time. i just got your voice mail to me on Sunday today. i didnt even know i had messages. stupid phone. anyway i might be bringing my hip hop head brothers along. one of them can drive, so i won't fall asleep.

  14. horray.

    you're so funny, i swear, with your sleeping on the expressway self.

  15. did i write "horray?"

  16. Oppps! Sorry. No wonder I can't keep any kittens alive at my place.

  17. i refer you to earlier comments. i have a fairly large female contingency, so ixnay on the asturbationmay.


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