Thursday, September 08, 2005


This is bogus. i don't have time for capitals anymore. i wrote this originally at my xanga. so, how's that? you actually get leftovers from my xanga. i swear, i'll have real writing up again soon. but until then:

teaching, first few days:

the kids are some work, but i'm liking them and the whole working thing. what i'm NOT caring for is the scheduling and all that. in our large school, the whole operation voted and decided that they should go for longer but fewer periods. which was probably a good thing for them. fewer prep periods, but longer lunch and prep periods (the periods between teaching periods that the teachers are able to actually prepare for teaching another class - or else go to meetings. or poo. whatever's of necessity.) and longer times teaching with fewer distractions. it all works out so that they're not actually working more hours or anything.

but that's for the other teachers. we have to teach six periods out of the seven. they have to teach five. yeah. and our students are supposed to have an extra period for art or gym (we're all pulling for gym. dang, they need some excess energy valves.) they don't have that either.

so, we stay late to get our meetings and preps and all that. which, in itself, isn't bad. if i didn't want the extra hours, i probably wouldn't want to be a teacher. but i need some breaks in the middle of the day. it's a bit of work, being in charge and letting them know i'm in charge, right alisa?

oh, and all told, every day we're teaching an hour longer than the other teachers and an hour longer than we're supposed to and an hour longer than the program wants us to. all of our classes are double-periods, so that means that we are in front of the same kids for close to two hours when it's supposed to be, tops, an hour and a half.

ehhh, enough complaining. most of my kids know, by now, that i'm there to be their teacher and i will fight to give them a fair chance at education, everyone in the class starts out with A's (a purely mental approach, i assure you), and i'm a pretty funny guy who can't stop speaking in AAVE (ebonics for the layman or lame woman)

so, it's everything is everything now.

gotta go. love y'all. bof of you.


  1. Bof of you?

    So that's ummmm....*ME* and who else now?

    Seems like you're having it rough, teach. But I can clearly see that you're completely psyched about it all still! Or else you wouldn't take the time to tell us about it in such a positive, highly exuberant fashion.

    Ahhh, you teachers! With your pseudo-misery. Pish-posh, you all love being slaves to us students!

    PS. I'm pulling for art, btw. Gym aint never trained no creative minds....ok wait...ummm...nope, I'll keep that statement in tact.

  2. i don't care about training their minds anymore than what we're already doing, sugs. they're spending plenty of time engaging their minds (what's left of some of theirs), they need to work the body in a healthy manner (i.e., not 'working it, flipping and reversing it').

    you and the guy looking for duthchman tatoos. i swear i get the weirdest googlers.

    i'm not having it rough. i mean, i do leave it on the field, y'know. but as far as hours and stuff, not worse than when i was just student teaching, per se. course, all my kids aren't in yet. but when we do get them all in (apparently, we have a lot of parents trying to get their kids in our programs. hmmm...), we will get a gym teacher. so, yeahh.

    of course we love being your servants ("slaves"? no. we're in charge. but at your service.) i tell 'em that i may love 'em, but i'm not their friend, not their daddy, not their babysitter. i'm their teacher, and if they haven't learned anything from me, then i haven't done my job.

    so, we'll see.


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