Sunday, September 11, 2005

Let's roll back the clocks and...

pretend that this is still Saturday, September the 10th, 2005 and our friend Gabrielle Brown was still celebrating, one way or another, her 23rd birthday. At least for this moment. Let September 11th worry about itself.

Below is a cheap variation of a card I gave the Weezer about an hour ago, just before the ultimate deadline. It might go behind the one she got from her insurance company, but still...

Happy birthday Gabzilla!

You always bring the house down.

If you hadn’t noticed, I used fancy schmancy Broadway [actually, Georgia here] font and put it in size 23 [actually, huge font].

The things I won’t do for internet friends. And now, of course, this looks like internet stuff from the mid-90’s, back in the day!

Love and peace,



Be kind. Rewind.