Thursday, December 29, 2011

Six Geese a-Laying

Phenomenally wealthy. This was NOT a common family.

Speaking of huevos, I've been planning on going vegetarian through January. I'm figuring that it'll be easier to ease into vegetarianism, and hence realistic and acheivable. Especially for this broke dairy-lover. It'll give me some practice to prepare to a Lent-period fast of the vegan (no animal or animal products - dairy, eggs, cheeses, yogurts, milk, um... ice cream, or anything else that might have come from a productive animal and that was deliberately taxing for them).

Hopefully, I can figure this thing out a bit over the next month and go, like most of the "developing" world, meatless for quite a while. Speaking of which, I'm thinking of doing a series during this fast on the deadly sins and corresponding virtues, starting with gluttony. If you want to participate in that, shoot me a response. Thanks!

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