Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Four Calling Birds

Four Calling Birds
Get it?

Bought some brown rice and beans for next week. In the meantime, I'll be finishing the calling bird in my fridge. Until

I can say one thing. It's hard to be a vegetarian on the West Side of Chicago. I haven't seen a fruit market out here, and the closest supermarket, Dominick's, is prohibitively expensive. So I have to go back into the city to get some fruits and veggies or grains.

Which wouldn't be so bad. But it doesn't make me curious in the least why the local Church's Chicken becomes so popular on 35¢ Thigh Tuesdays. Nor why obesity and obesity-related health problems are such a way-of -life in these under served neighborhoods.

Of course, if we could all afford Whole Foods I guess this would be less of a problem. But other issues have to do with food education, additive addiction, and equity and access. Yet these problems are deeply rooted in traditions of racism and classism. Unless we deal with these issues, we can't expect the cost of health care (for instance) to go down.

Unless we complete ignore the problems of the poor and minorities directly in front of us.

But I can't imagine America doing that... Naw...

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