Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rethink, Renew, Refocus

I want to challenge everyone who is reading this right now to watch this TEDx presentation sometime before we go back to work this upcoming week, or within this first week of the New Year. And if you're further interested/intrigued/infuriated, I'm going to highly, highly recommend watching the full documentary, Economics of Happiness. I'd like to discuss its points here and elsewhere. I'd love to share what I've seen here, and group up and imagine with others from a wide variety of viewpoints and backgrounds. And then, if you feel it is a worthy idea/concept, may you also share.

I guarantee that what Food, Inc., did to make us reconsider our relationship with our food and its production, this film will help us evaluate and re-imagine our relationship to our resources, our neighbors, the so-called emerging (maybe "submerging" would be a better word for it) and the multinational corporations who have effectively rigged the system to their profit.

Please watch. It may anger you, but it will most likely also inspire you.

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