Saturday, December 10, 2011

Funny Money

Isn't all money "Funny Money"? Money has no intrinsic value. It's paper. With a face on it. You can't feed or clothe yourself with it. You can only enter into an agreement with others about its usage. And though we're made to feel that we control the agreement, we don't.

The worth of our money - such as it is - is determined by outside factors. We have an infinitely small control over such factors. We can haggle over our wages, but only a fraction of it. We can comparison shop to save ourselves a few loose dollars. But there is hardly any control over the cost or price of living for the majority of people in the world.

The value of money

Is it any wonder that those who make the most money in the world are those who help control and regulate the value of it?

We need more direct, more decentralized control of our economy. We need an economy that is directly linked to our needs, our values, our worth as human beings. We need an economy that is beneficial for our ecology. That works for more than just a fraction of a percentage point of the people in the world.

We need to regain control of our goods and services, rather than alllowing them to be set and manipulated by bankers and financiers.

We need an economy where people can agree on what their material, items, work, and worth is worth. Think of it as a truly democratic economy. Or, as a participatory economy. Of which parecon is one such model.

Please see other articles in the Local Sustainability topic for more introductory ideas along the same lines.

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