Monday, April 25, 2011

Pangea Blog Guest Post

If you're new here: Let me welcome you.

Today you may spot my name and signature stylistic stylish style up at Sir Kurt's Pangea Blog. Kurt's a great blogger and he writes well and fluidly on topics verging from spirituality to non-violence to empire (some of my faves, of course).

This guest post is all part of my plan to very slowly take over the blogoverse and become the new, humorless-but-politically-savvy Jon Acuff... or the Evangelical and humorous Glenn Greenwald. Or the dude Rachel Held Evans - just with fewer books. Or the really curly-haired Slacktivist... (Or a really curly-haired RHE)...

Insiemephoto © 2009 Alessandro Prada | more info (via: Wylio)
Or really, I'll just continue to toil away here in relative obscurity, just happy to have a few fellow travelers - just happy to say to, and hear back from, some lovely but maybe alienated people, "You're not alone. Let's walk together."

Please, friends, feel free to meander or jaunt or hike. I hope you may have found a friend today.

Here, that is...

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