Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Chicagoans for All Chicagoans

With the Chicago mayoral election out of the way, the last round of the aldermanic elections underway, and more centralizing and king-making decisions on the horizon, I thought it'd be a good time to introduce Chicagoans for All Chicagoans.

So far right now, we are only a Facebook group, but we exist to get Chicagoans engaged in local politics in a way where every community and every member of every neighborhood would be represented and protected.

That would include learning disabled students in the public schools, that would include Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, agnostics, polytheists, Buddhists, and pagans throughout the city; that would include residents of food deserts who need affordable and nutritious options; that would include lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgendered youth growing up outside of the LGBT-supportive BoysTown neighborhood; that would include neighborhoods on the Far South and Southwest sides that don't have equitable access to public transit; that would include small business owners trying to catch a break while most of the TIFs are going to big business; that would include working class families trying to stay in areas that they are being constantly priced out of; that would include residents who can't afford decent health care insurance but need options; that would include harassed young black men and targeted homeless women; that would include improving our schools by using actual verifiable research to determine how to improve our schools rather than, say, strong-arming the teacher's union to lengthen their days and year for no other reason than because Houston's doing it.

That may include you. It probably includes your neighbor.

Chicagoans for All Chicagoans. Opt in.

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