Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Know Thy Place, Woman!


Is there much difference between this preaching:


The first one soft-pedals the patriarchy and misogyny.

Note: The video has gone down recently due to copyright claims by First Baptist of Hammond. Apparently, they like to profit off their power-trips. I was able to find a partial transcript over at Are Women Human? (which, on first look, is phenomenal):

Somebody the other day asked me, this reporter, he said, um, “I heard that…it’d be a cold day in hell before you get your theology from a woman. Don’t you think that’s kind of demeaning to the genders?”

I said, “Ask Adam what he thinks about getting his theology from a woman. I said it damned the whole world. I said the reason your soul, sorry soul’s going to hell is because a woman told Adam what God thinks about things.

…I wouldnt get my theology from a woman. I don’t mind if mama teaches the kids. I don’t mind if a strong lady, and a wise woman, and a gracious godly woman follows the, uh, takes the lesson from the pastor – Hey y’all, you listen to me right now, I still believe, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I get my theology from a woman. I’m a preacher. I wasn’t mama-called, papa-sent. No woman ever got me involved in ministry, I didn’t follow a woman into ministry. A woman didn’t write this book, not one woman wrote the scriptures right here. [banging his bible on the lectern] A man wrote the Bible, got it from God, a man hung on the cross, his name is Jesus Christ, and God called a man to lead the church here – [shouting] Hey! I’m glad I’m a man!

…I’m the messenger of the church and what I say is more important than what the news reporter thinks I oughta say. God didn’t call him to tell me what to do, and God didn’t call anybody else, either. You know, if that’s arrogant, so be it.

In Christ there is neither Greek nor Jew, slave nor free, male nor female.
In Christ-follower relations, however...

Btw, there's been quite a few honest and heart-wrenching reactions in the comments on Carson's blog when he posted the first video.
If you'd like a picture of what the patriarchy of the lower video looks like, you can see this other video at Jesus Needs New PR.
Note: "IFB" in the second video is short-hand for Independent Fundamentalist Baptist churches, of which First Baptist in nearby Hammond, Ind. is the god-father. They send legions of buses down to the city every weekend to proselytize and pick up hundreds upon hundreds of inner city (usually minority) children every Sunday morning - to return them in the evening.


  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Piper puts out tons of these videos - why does he think he is such an authority that she can have a say, in, well, everything?

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Oh my, I heard both the softsell and the hardline versions constantly in the legalistic church I left. The woman must constantly be under the authority and control of the man. After all, it is women who are the majority of the serial murders, rapists and molesters of small children. Yes, control your woman or they will be running amok! Blessed be the almighty male sex and do everthing within your power to keep it that way!

  3. Charlie,
    I've intentionally been ignoring them for the last couple years. Now I know why. Maybe I should unearth a few more?

    Anon *Beverly*,
    Don't forget that women start all wars and genocides.

  4. Thanks for the link, Jason! And I completely agree, the only difference between the two is that Piper is less honest about the chauvinist implications of his theology.


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