Thursday, April 21, 2011

More than a Nightgown

harvest moonphoto © 2007 b k | more info (via: Wylio)

I see the temple soldiers

file up to the garden

the garden that smells of prayers and worry and sweat and new year’s growth

They go for the rabbi – the rabbi always causes trouble; the rabbi likes to shake

He always shakes

I’ve been told all my little life to not cause trouble,

to not shake,

to do what my fathers tell me

So that God would be pleased with us


Rome would be free of us

We would have our own kingdom, our old dynasty

at last

And this week – this sacrificial lamb week – this week of passing over –

All this week, Jesus has been speaking like a prophet visionary,

like a Word straight from the flaming mouth and bright-toned throne of God

every third sentence beginning with,

“The kingdom… kingdom… kingdom…”

All this week, Jesus has been healing like a prophet exclusionary

as a man straight from the mouth and throne of God

So I followed them following him into this night

of parched , bleeding lips and

of false, bruising kisses

and swords and a quick clash and a shouting

Word of God – a king not wanting the kingdom they want for him



It’s all over. They run like cowards, like chickens before the farmer, like cowards before the----

I made a noise in the bushes.

And I remain still, hoping they won’t find me

but they do

And I run

But they got my nightgown

And I wish I had

thought to put on


than my nightgown

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  1. Great post as always thanks Jason.


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