Monday, August 27, 2007

In memo-rium of fallen, Medal-of-Freedomers

Long-time Chief of Staff and candidly-open Karl Rove is out of the White House? Oh, no! What will patriotic, American flag-waving, Jesus friends do now? Who can we turn to in our moment of dire need? It's a good thing Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is still around to defend our liberties from terrible terrorists who want to spy on us without restraint and thwart our federal justice system.

Oh, nuts! And now G-man-Gonzalez is gone, too? It's all too 1984 for me...

You see Mr. Freedom Eagle is getting all teary-eyed?

Good thing that Dick Cheney's still around.

And motorcycle Jesus. Apparently, he'll never leave us. (h/t to Jeffrey Overstreet)
Oh, I didn't even notice this. Thanks to for pointing this out. But the Jesus Action figure that says "I am Peace" is him as a dove-holding soldier, with a semi-automatic underneath his robe.

It's quite moving... Jesus willing to kill so that he can save us from those terrorists over there...


  1. I swear those disco jesus's pop up once every few years. Though I do admit I want the buddy Jesus from Dogma.

  2. Jasdye, so sarcastic you are... I like it!

    Vice president "Dick" is so appropriately named, don't ya think?

    And Cube, I LOVE "Buddy Christ". I know it's controversial, blasphemous and all, but I love it. I even have a post in the works (and have had for some weeks now) on Buddy Jesus.

  3. Cheney's named Dick 'cause he sounds like a duck, right?

  4. there is no better way to spread the love of Jesus than to show the world hippie-Jesus on a skateboard.


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