Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dear Faculty of Davidson H.S. in Ohio:

One of your students executed an elaborate and rather divisive prank against long-standing and cross-town rival Darby High. I think the whole world should see this offensive behavior and let you be put to shame for the pithy actions you've done in regards to this embarrassing joke.

I say it is a true, undermining shame that you have merely and temporarily suspended young Mr. Garchar for this scheme. I must ask you, Principal Bandow, in all sincerity: Have you no sense of humor? Where is your funny-bone?

You should be having ticker-tape parades for the young man. He should be raised on a chair held aloft by the and cheered on by the entire student population, past and present. He should be immortalized in bronze in front of the school and in several city parks. Cheerleaders and brainiacs alike should be fighting over who will carry his books to class. Teachers should treat his name with the reverence reserved for the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln or Copernicus or Albert Einstein.

He single-handedly (supposedly) did for your school what the football team didn't. Make it feel good.


  1. I cannot beleive thay suspended the poor kid over that. Incredible.

  2. well, if they expelled him, that definitely would be a travesty. and waaaaaaaaaayyyy over the line.

    but he got caught, so he wanted the publicity (telling that he made his own video and posted it on YouTube). in all honestly, he went in knowing there would be repercussions. and if he didn't, he did now.

    i think it was great, and most likely, worth the little blemish in his record (which colleges don't really look at anyway).

  3. i still think this is great! I watched when you first posted it, and i had to watch it again today.

    How great is that prank!

  4. thanks, rc. i wish i had done it.

    honestly, though, i wouldn't have the ganas.


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