Monday, July 03, 2006

You got a real purty mouf dere.

She said yes.

I'm engaged.

And we're gonna marry soon (though the date isn't set yet - and it'll probably be small).

ain't we just the cutest?
ain't i just the lamest?

And I didn't even have to jump out of the woods and snag her, a la "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." That's good, 'cuz it was looking pretty bad last year.


  1. Congrats. Marriage is definitely a good thing, and there's something to be said for keeping the wedding ceremony small. Trust me, you probably won't remember most of it anyway.

  2. y question is, how much of the honeymoon will we remember?


  3. how wonderful!

    congrats! that's very exciting.

    --RC of

  4. you have no idea how happy i am for you guys, i was tearing up like crazy last night- lol., i love you guys so much and may God be your light!!!

  5. ali,

    thanks for being there for us while we were so far apart physically and kind of being that friend in the middle. your friendship - even if its only communicable electronically - has been a source of strength for us, sweetie.


    thanks, man. it is exciting!

    wasp jerky,

    i don't remember specifics very well. should we videotape for future reference?

    (gawd. j/k. somebody'll probably find it and send it on the internet.)

  6. Hey hey, question...what happened to Jdos's blog? She no blog no more? Tell her I said "boooo, come baaaack, don't let us HAVE to read Jason's blog forever!"

    Thanks in advance, 'clicky.

  7. she largely did her blog as a way of maintaining relationships while she was out of the country.

    as the president of my dear country would say, "mission accomplished."

    the flying dutchman.

  8. That's awesome. Congratulations!

  9. thank you. thank you. and to think, i'm still not pregnant...


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