Friday, July 28, 2006

This is just a test

I just wanna see how many people come to this site for stupid reasons. I just think by next Friday, it'd be interesting to see how many people will come to this site from a poor Google search.

Jessica Rabbit and Homer Simpson are both cartoon characters; some even find them to be Sexy.
Historical books have Images of General Lee; Photography books usually have a Picture of a Daisy.
I believe both Hewitt Packard Bell and Arthur Anderson are familiar with failing businesses.



  1. i'm excited to hear your results, i know i certainly get my fair share of ridiculousness.

    and sometimes, you just feel bad because people feel like they're watsting their time on your blog and not finding what they want.

    Apparently you don't feel bad about that...hum?

    --RC of

  2. well, it doesn't look like anybody's taken the bait yet. so the point's moot.

    hmmm... maybe i should post the obvious ones in large, bold, capital letters.
    like JESSICA rabbit and homer SIMPSON.

    y'know, it's a bit subtle at this point...

    (when did i become so cynical and jaded??)

  3. You're doing it wrong. Add key phrases like "husband watches" and "cheating wife." Only then does the real fun begin.

  4. seriously, it's just not working. maybe i should try infusing the words 'animal', 'big' and 'positions'.


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