Saturday, May 22, 2010

Music that Gets Us Through: Numbers and !

"10" - LA Symphony (Check it! My first name's John/ Middle name's "In it!")
The 10th Song - Adam Again (Song should be reflective Christ's Supper music for every church once a year)
12 Days of Christmas - Relient K (funz!)
15 Step - Radiohead

1610 Days of Summer - Mitch Hedberg ("Dogs are forever in the push-up position.")
187 on the Dancefloor - LA Symphony
1999 - Prince (Prince doesn't allow his music on Youtube. Stupid decision since there's a new generation that doesn't realize how cool and wonderful he truly is. Now he's just known as "That d-bag who won't allow his music on Youtube." O well, one of the best party tunes of the ever.)
2 Become 1 - Bill Mallonee (I didn't know he did Spice Girls covers? Jocelyn starting dancing when this song came on. Good sign.)
2 Step - Pigeon John
2/4 - Havalina Rail Co.
2nd Space Song - Starflyer 59
3 MC's & 1 DJ (Live Video Version) - Beastie Boys
3.14 - Havalina Rail Co.
3rd Stream - Jake Shimabukuro
4 Horsemen - Clash
409 - The Beach Boys
5/4 - Gorrillaz

6th And Alverado - Pigeon John (For those keeping score, that's four Pigeon John songs if you include his roles in the LA Symph tracks. Oddly enough, the beat for this song is cribbed from the song above. Coincidence? Think not.)
911 is a Joke - Public Enemy (Get up! Get up! Get, get, get down!) (Also: Sorry, it's true.)
99.9 F - Suzanne Vega ("You seem to me like a man on the verge of burning")

!!!!!!! - The Roots

I found the Hedberg album somewhere for free. I forget where. Sorry that was no help.

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