Saturday, May 15, 2010

House Keeping

I finally have that Love post coming around the corner. This was supposed to be the culmination of two other series: Evangelicals and the Law and Weapons of Our Warfare. I was thinking that maybe I should polish up all of the old posts first in order to lead up to the Grande Finale!!LOL!!n00b

But, alas, one of my old posts somehow reverted back to a prehistoric, unpublishable (even for my blogging) state. And now I have to re-write most of it as well as punch up the others (and that E&tL was a beast in the first place, so that may need more work). So, I was thinking I'd just sort of reverse-engineer (without the engineering) re:mixes on these not-quite-ancient posts.

If I can get to those, however, before I go on a little trip with the little princess to see my side of the old jasdye tree (My grandmother just had a stroke. And they're six hundred miles away, so add that to the guilt complex about my child not knowing her paternal grandfolks as it were...). I have a few other half-written posts just dying to be completed and published, so hopefully I won't let any of my two fans down. (Hey, gotta take advantage of these writing seasons while I gots them, no?)

Also, Stevie Wonder's 60th birthday was a couple days ago. Happy birthday, from Sesame Street.
I think that's a slightly slimmer, younger Questlove pounding the skins, right?

# Shoot. Not sure about getting around to those other re-edits. But I had to re-edit my Ethnic Studies post. As much as I loved putting that sucker together on a wing and a prayer, nobody should ever find out that I actually published that mess. Please, forgive. Better, please forget.

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