Friday, May 14, 2010

Alpha Male to Amy

Alpha Male - Mars Ill (I have to admit that I prefer the remix version on Backwaterprophets to the original. But, period, how many songs, rap or otherwise, address male chauvinism - especially from a male - in such a direct way?)
Always on My Mind - Pet Shop Boys and Willie Nelson (Not together, necessarily.)
Always Active - CookBook & Uno Mas (ft. DJ Activ8)
Am I in Sync? - Steve Taylor (fortunately, the novelty desynched synthesizer works with the outdated cheesy new wave here) (also, the homemade video is just more proof that ST fans are always nerds)
Am I too Late? - Old 97's
Amame - Juanes
Amazing - The Choir

Amazing Grace / Nearer My Lord to Thee - Ladysmith Black Mambazo (There are no words to describe what a sad cliche these powerful songs have become to my ears. "Hey, I can do gospel! I can pretend to be soulful or spiritual!" It's sad. But then, there's versions like this wonderful South African gospel choir's rendition. Or, The Five Blind Boys of Alabama's "House of the Rising Son" version. They reinstate hope.)

American Music - Violent Femmes
American Patrol - Glenn Miller Orchestra
Ammunition - Switchfoot
Amsterdam - Peter Bjorn & John (Wow. The crowds in the live versions are a big part of the reason I rarely go out to catch an act. Morons.)
Amy's Song - Switchfoot (For those keeping score at home: That's three Switchfoot songs b/t Al-Am, one of which I skipped over b/c it didn't quite grab me.)

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