Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Chicago Tuesdays

As much as I rag on the Evangelical movement, there is much that I love about it. Namely, its feet-on-the-ground approach to working with outcasts in society. The churches that I have been a part of all work regularly with the homeless and poor in their surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the communities have not always been receptive of that work.

So, it's a good day when many in the neighborhood are pouncing on an opportunity to share with their local church in the good work they do. Our current church in Logan Square, the Urban Vineyard, is gathering a toy store for families in the neighborhood. According to Pastor Ray Maldonado,

We have identified 50 families that we have been helping with food and clothes throughout the year. Almost all are from Goethe and Chase Schools. We ask our church members and anyone else that would love to help to bring new toys and/or items that they believe would be helpful for families. One church is giving us 120 coats. While we give away the toys or items that are designated to only be given, the toys and other items are sold at 15cents on the dollar. This does two things, it encourages the families who love the idea of "buying their children Christmas gifts" at a fantastically reduced rate and secondly, the money is used to buy more food for these same and other families in need.

If you, while reading this, are hit on the head with an idea or feel inspired to give in a similar
fashion, I won't stop you. Also, if you live in the area and would like to give or help out with this specific ministry (or even similar ministries), you can check out here or email here.

In other local nooze:

Cops really seem to have their priorities straight, right? Bros before justice. Wonder where the gangs get that mentality from....

Looking for original but cheap art? Anywhere from 0-200 buckaroos at the Seeking Art Bargain Basement on Saturdays at the Co-Prosperity Sphere. (via CRblog)

And, once again Ben Joravsky, the Chicago Reader's resident expert on the mangling of Chicago's taxes and local bodies that is known as the TIF is trying to spread knowledge - this time to the not-so-knowledgeable people who are supposed to be running the show. That would include the mayor, the Department of Community Development (who give us all the propaganda piece entitled, "The ABC's of TIF"*) and the city's Chief Financial officer.

*Which, by the way, was passed out to audience members at two different meetings I was involved in within the last year and both by people who have something to gain from the partial information inferred in this document.

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