Saturday, December 05, 2009

Weekend Links We Like to Link to: ZOMBIES?

Keeping America safe from the threat of secret Islamocommie-in-Chiefs, Pastor and Jesus-lover J. Grant Swanky-Panky almost clipped out a few Muslims for their devil worship in the butcher shop. Jesus General doesn't think that's it's enough to want to kill them, and called out a holy-hit on Swank. Eradicate the infidels and the cowards and let God sort 'em out.

We're looking at doing Meatless Mondays (click here for yumms). But something tells me (my nominal Catholic father's insistence that we evangelicals follow some of his practices?) that it should be on Fridays. And since we don't do fish, it'd be the same anyway...

I'm a fan of PT Anderson. Especially when he (whether or not he's aware of it) tackles issues of faith. This could be good. Really good.

And lastly, Christian Side Hugs finally get their own gangstarap (of sorts)

Click here if yous can't see this.
Oh, and prepare yourself for the lyrical onslaught of bringing back Republicans after some weird shout-out to Obama. These guys can hold their own with the Teaparty rapper Hi-Caliber on a Freedom-Lovin' 'Merica Tour.

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