Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why I went into the Othercott...

Why othercott? This is what I was trying to dissuade. Dang the dupes.

I'll be ok. I'm just pissed.

Angels and Demons my hairy white fat ass!

Had to say it.


  1. A&D is in my reading pile. I'm thinking that I may like it better than DVC because I'm a sucker for Illuminati conspiracy theories (not that I believe them at all; they're just fun to think about - and laugh at the folks that take them seriously).

    As for the DVC movie, I think I'll now wait for it to hit the cheap theater. That's quite a trade-off since A) it will be considerably less expensive to go to, but B) said theater has THE MOST uncomfortable seats and this is supposed to be a long movie.

    I'm too geeked out about X-Men 3, anyway.

  2. what i thought was funny about angeles y diabolicas is that the idea of Christian communion (Last Supper / Eucharist) was stolen from the Aztecs' practice of drinking blood -something that didn't start til way into the next millenium on the other side of the world.

    i'm more interested in the new superman movie coming out, but in the meantime, i'll happily go see ratner's li'l blockbuster. problem is the little lady doesn't like loud, explosive movies.

  3. yea, i can't believe they're making angels and demons into a movie...although, i can believe it...never mind.

    I don't really know anything of the plot? hum?

    --RC of

  4. these movie/books have plots?

    what'll they think of next?

    i think this is the prequel to DVC, so in this one, tom hanks has his hair in an early eighties yuppie pony-tail and is being chased by a murderous freckle-faced nun while hot on the trail of the bones of st. peter, who is not - we are informed - watching over the gates of heaven but is reincarnated in the form of that same homi/suicidal nun.

    good read.


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