Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What the Heat?

I really like the Pistons. I really hate Miami. Pistons, overachievers. Heat, underachievers. But now the Pistons are underachieving. I guess I'll just go ahead and root for Dallas.

What the???????

Shaquille just did an old school fast-break, like back in the LA days, only faster. What the ?????

If Detroit doesn't pull it out of their a** now, I'll just go ahead and root for Dallas.

In other news, had a great weekend.

I didn't get any work done of course. I cut open my right thumb washing my coffee pot and got four butt-ugly stitches there. I broke two pairs of my glasses within the last week - so I have to live with a crooked pair now. I sweat like a monkey's behind trying to weed my girlfriend's parents' little garden before we got rained on - twice. Got a tetinus shot (talk about a shot in the arm). Still at a crossroads - or a few - as to when the wedding will be. Heck, I got slapped by a friend. And trapped into planning a baby shower. I'm singing in front of the church and my voice cracks, three times. And I practically injured my knee playing basketball wearing skater-shoes sans socks in a makeshift gym in a abandoned Mason's lodge-cum-church, forgetting that I'm old and I need to stretch pre- and post-workout EVERY TIME.

But I got to spend some time with Jennie. And Jennie's moving two miles away next weekend. And she may have a permanent job as soon as tomorrow. And we have allies where I was worried we didn't.

Great weekend.

Dwayne Wade. Phenomenal player. One of the leaders of this new golden age of NBA ball that's dawning on us. Like teammate Antoine Walker, a fellow Chicagoan. Unlike LeBron, humble. But, dang, he cries. No wonder Michael doesn't show the same love for him he does James.

Oh yeah, I got Fold Zandura's Ultra Forever and some songs from Starflyer 59's self-titled debut (aka, "the Silver Album") via iTunes (I owned both previously; one got lost, the other existed solely in cassette form). I also ordered Mike Knott's Screaming Brittle Siren. Knowing that nobody's ever heard of these albums or performers before, I guess it's about time for another classic albums post. It'll probably be three weeks before I get around to some of the intensive reviews that I want to. But, I want to. So, there you go.

Ra-ra Mavs!


  1. I've heard of all those performers. Haven't actually listened to Fold Zandura or Mike Knott, but I loves me some Starflyer 59.

  2. hey wj,

    welcome back.

    i guess i haven't talked to anyone recently who's even heard of these performers. am i getting too old? these guys were out while i was in college (admittedly, a wide frame of time).

  3. Wow babe, sounds like you need lots of R and R.

    Be safe my dear,


  4. i could use some of that, fo' sho'. another two weeks and that'll be all i get. well, more or less.

  5. I...

    can NOT...


    the SUNS




    curses, Nowitzski, curses!

    Gooooooo HEAT!!!! :)

  6. Hey thanks. Speaking of SF59, they're going to be in town on July 8, right after their gig at Cornerstone.

  7. christine,

    we've talked about your fascination with that long-haired cannuck before. sorry, but defense wins championships - always.

    and we've also talked about this: you're backing the heat just 'cuz i don't like 'em.


    i liked - but wasn't thoroughly impressed by - Old. i don't know, if i'm not doing anything else, maybe i'll go see them. i don't go out much for shows. over the rhine was playing down the street a couple weeks ago and i missed that show.

  8. I haven't gotten a SF59 album since Leave Here a Stranger. But I've never seen them live, so I might check it out. I have the hardest time getting downtown for shows, though, so we'll see.


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