Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ah, Yep.*

Jennie's got some big news. But I'll let her tell it.

I love her. But that's not news. I still want to shout it from the rooftops, though.

And on the other side, kids, you might wanna hang on to yer hats. Uncle Jason's gonna drop some more big news - hopefully within the month.

My computer screen has fingerprints all over it. Dang students!

The Bulls lost in six. That's one more game than I thought they'd last, honestly. But Phoenix beat the Lakes. At this point, that's all I care about.

I traveled through Wisconsin and didn't get pulled over once. I'll be pressing my luck once again this weekend going through Central Illinois, Missouri, and Northeastern Okeehoma. But the squad force isn't as strong in those parts. Just in case you were somewhat interested.

Have I ever read - or seen a production of - Romeo and Juliet. I have to start teaching it tomorrow. Awww, puppy-dog-adolescent-suicidal love. That's a fresh scent in the air.

*Many back alley conversations on "King of the Hill."


  1. Ah! Can I guess, can I guess? Does it have anything to do with marriage?

    I hope so.


  2. it has something to do with marriage. but not directly... yet!

    *wonders if she's gonna announce it*

  3. "Something to do with marriage, but not directly"? Are you preggers, jasdye?

  4. well, that would explain the gut.

    except that that sucker's been around for a few years.

  5. *rolls on floor laughing*

  6. re: I traveled through Wisconsin and didn't get pulled over once.

    Isn't uncle Jason gonna share his 5-over story???

    ('cuz if he doesn't, Jennie might)

  7. well, at least ONE of us would blog.

  8. Um, I just posted this morning, love.

  9. Um, my blog.
    (where else would one post?)

  10. i caught that post last night, certainly not up in the morning or afternoon.

    and it doesn't count.


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